Following the ongoing dispute between the creator and publisher of The Sinking City, the developer advised players not to purchase the version on Steam.

Despite the video game The sinking city Appearing on Steam at a reduced sale price, the developers have come out and advised users not to buy it, claiming that it is not the version they created.

Frogwares, the developers behind the game, issued the statement on Twitter: “Frogwares has not created the version of The sunken city which is on sale today on Steam. We do not recommend purchasing this version. More news soon. “When examining the game inspired by the Cthulhu mythos on Steam, it can be seen that while Frogwares is listed as the developer, it was published by Nacon. The game’s resurgence follows that it was initially removed from various digital platforms due to a dispute. legal with BigBen Interactive and Nacon.

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The sinking city It was originally launched in 2019, but was pulled from online distributors in August 2020. The legal disputes behind its removal stemmed from allegations by Frogwares that publishers were withholding royalties and trying to wrongly hint at intellectual property ownership. The original agreement, according to Frogwares, was that they would retain ownership of the intellectual property and the publishers would only sell the game. In addition, they alleged that BigBen and Nacon were consistently late in payment. Despite this, they eventually asked for the game’s source code, which the developers refused to provide due to their agreement. This allegedly resulted in publishers withholding payments for four months.

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Nacon issued a response to Frogwares’ allegations at the time, stating that it “emphatically rejects this open letter, the terms of which are inconsistent with the facts.” The legal dispute that started between the two companies was further complicated by the involvement of other Frogwares games published by Nacon, such as the Sherlock Holmes Serie.

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The possibility of the game’s return to Valve’s platform arose after the Paris Court of Appeal ruled that Frogwares’ act of removing the game was illegal. However, the developers were the first to act on a possible return, placing the game on Steam in January 2021. The return was short-lived, and was once again removed.

The version provided by Nacon has received backlash from the barrage of negative reviews on Steam. While much of this is due to the dispute between the two companies, some of the reviews have specified certain complaints in line with the Frogwares tweet. The available game has been observed to lack features noted in January, such as any of the DLCs or achievements. This has led users to speculate that it is actually an older version of the game, supporting Frogware’s claim.

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Source: Twitter, Frogwares

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