Darth Talon and Cade Skywalker have the most intense Jedi / Sith romance and rivalry in Star Wars Legends.

The most intriguing romances of Star Wars They are often between a Jedi and a Sith because they create a tumultuous web of passion, power, and deception. “Reylo”, or Rey and Kylo Ren’s pair, is one of the more popular recent ships, but this pair seems like puppy love compared to the one. Star Wars Legends’ forbidden love for Cade Skywalker and Darth Talon.

Cade Skywalker is a Jedi Padawan-turned-bounty hunter and descendant of Luke Skywalker, who struggles with his anger and attraction to the dark side of the Force after seeing Darth Krayt murder his father. Forms a complicated bond with the Hand of Krayt, the Sith Lady Darth Talon, a Twi’lek covered in Sith tattoos. The two go from enemies to teachers and apprentices, to lovers and back to enemies, having one of the most intense and deadly relationships the galaxy has ever seen.

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Their first encounter was on Vendaxa when Talon damaged his ship and manipulated local beasts to attack him. Opening his entire arsenal, Talon also tried to use a mind trick on Cade, but he resisted. He then attacked Cade’s Master, Wolf Sazen, until Cade used the Force to throw some nearby debris at Talon, sending her into the undergrowth of the forest where she retreated. Their future encounters would be marked by the same dynamic of an impressive display of skill and retreats to fight another day.

Always pursuing Cade at the urging of Darth Krayt, Talon attacked him on Coruscant to lead him to the dark side. Cade was intrigued that the Sith were sent to capture him alive. He was about to overpower Talon in a duel, but Krayt’s other Hand appeared and strangled him until he submitted. Talon’s total loyalty to the dark side and her variety of abilities, such as aerobatics and Force lightning bolts, make her a formidable adversary for Cade, though she often defeats her in the many duels they had. Her love-hate relationship with the dark side is personified through her conflicted relationship with Talon, as she simultaneously represents the Sith she hates and the power she desires.

Cade wounded Talon after being provoked by Krayt, but the Sith Lord forced Cade to heal her. By using the Force to heal Talon, a deep bond was created that bound him to the dark side and to Talon. Krayt ordered Darth Talon to train Cade in the ways of the Sith, making her his new teacher. This added a new dynamic to their power struggle and brought them closer together. The two slept together, but Talon was convinced that Cade’s interest in joining the dark side was just a hoax.

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After failing to give in to Krayt’s final test to turn Cade to the dark side, Cade stabbed Talon in the stomach with his lightsaber and escaped. The passion between them turned into a latent hatred that bubbled up with each duel. The two returned to fight at Had Abbadon, where Cade set a trap for Krayt. Talon goaded Cade by telling him that his bond with her will bring him closer to the dark side. Their encounters weren’t always all-out battles, as Talon met Cade at The Wheel space station to send him a message from Krayt, a friend frozen in carbonite aboard his ship. Talon can be as pernicious with his words as he is with his red lightsaber.

Talon and Cade dueled one last time on Coruscant. Cade pinned her down, but Talon escaped to tell his master about his growing powers. It was here that Cade finally killed Krayt and proclaimed himself a Jedi. After years of fighting and blocking his ancestors with death sticks, he embraced the light side, while Talon went into hiding to preserve the Sith order. Despite their intense relationship, Cade resisted the temptation to join the Sith and form the galaxy’s deadliest power couple with Darth Talon.

Not only did Cade and Talon have a complicated backstory of their master killing Cade’s father, but their tension led them to nearly kill each other in battle multiple times. Not to mention, the time Talon spent mentoring Cade in the dark arts was the perfect way to hone his dark side powers. Cade and Talon are one of the most underrated. Star Wars relationships as their undeniable passion and powers make them a violently turbulent Jedi-Sith couple that almost makes the dark side seem worthwhile.

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