Yara Flor, DC’s new Wonder Woman from the future, is great in a fight, but her stories have shown that she prefers another way to resolve disagreements.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Future state: Superman / Wonder Woman # 2, Future state: Justice League # 2, Y Future state: Wonder Woman # 2!

Jumping into the possible future of DC Future state has introduced many new characters, but few more instantly loved than Yara Flor, the new Wonder Woman. In the handful of stories she’s had thus far, Yara has proven herself to be a true adventure-loving hero. While she’s prepared to go head-to-head with her enemies when she needs to, she also revealed a preference for an unusual way to avoid a fight.

Nowhere is this tactic clearer than in Future state: Superman / Wonder Woman # 2, by Dan Watters and Leila del Duca. To prevent the sun god Kuat from acting bad after losing his competition to Superman’s villain Solaris, Yara reveals that he challenged the god to a race. She plays with her ego, knowing she can’t resist the opportunity to “Better Wonder Woman herself.” It’s a clever way to resolve the situation without conflict, but it’s also Yara’s move – one she also employed against the underworld’s watchdog and her own teammate, Flash.

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The first time Yara is seen using this method is in Future State: Wonder Woman # 2. Yara is leading the three-headed dog, Cerberus, on a chase as she tries to retrieve one of her friends from the underworld. He doesn’t need to run, as the previous issue made it clear that he is more than capable of killing monsters. His pious ally, Caipora, also tells him that “stop playing” revealing that Yara should be out of this chase by now and move on to the next aspect of her quest. To get rid of her pursuer, Yara grabs a bone and throws it for the giant canine to run after him. The new Wonder Woman is strong and capable of fighting, but she’s also young and seems to enjoy finding fun where she can. Rather than knock out or even kill this creature, Yara chooses to first leave it behind and then use a peaceful method to overcome it, treating it as a test or test rather than an enemy.

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Yara Flower Run Cerberus

Later Future state: Superman / Wonder Woman # 2, Yara challenges Kuat to a race. A deity (and a legitimate sun) that has been lost to a mechanical sun will definitely hurt some egos, and deity egos tend to be large and cause chaos when injured. She plans to ride the headless mule and achieve victory to pacify Kuat. Ultimately, Superman gets along better with Headless Mule and thanks to Solaris he’s still weakened, so the two heroes trade villains. Superman finally runs the race, but Yara turned it into a non-violent encounter.

Female women racing

This tendency towards non-violent competition can become a running joke, as a reference to this tactic is also mentioned in Future state: Justice League # 2. A white Martian imitating Yara appears on a talk show, remembering Flash challenging her to run. Despite being an impostor posing as Yara, there is a high probability that this is a legitimate memory due to the telepathy the Martians used to usurp the roles of the Justice League. This latest example echoes a recurring competition between Superman and Flash; one in which Wonder Woman is traditionally overlooked.

So far, Yara has chosen to compete with a guardian of the underworld, a solar deity, and the most powerful speedster of all time. Aside from the fact that racing is clearly genuine fun for Yara, resolving disagreements through relatively friendly competition allows her to avoid conflicts with powerful beings, while allowing them to maintain their pride and vent. Future state He already underlined how his heroes were becoming more open to non-violent solutions to crime, and Yara is the model for this change; someone capable of winning most of the fights that come their way, but who would rather that things didn’t go that far. Like the new Wonder Woman continues his legacy, it is clear that he will employ innovative methods to confront certain enemies where violence is not necessary to reach a resolution.

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