Tom & Jerry has the second-best opening weekend performance since the COVID-19 pandemic began, only being surpassed by Wonder Woman 1984.

When the weekend’s box office numbers came, Tom jerry showed surprising strength – it had the second highest opening weekend performance since the COVID-19 pandemic began, only being surpassed by Wonder Woman 1984. The Warner Bros. family film brings Hanna-Barbera’s classic title characters back to the big screen after their last theatrical outing: 1992. Tom and Jerry: The Movie. The iconic duo began in the 1940s as the subject of nearly 200 theatrical shorts. They’ve had multiple TV shows, 13 direct-to-video movies, and even a musical adaptation.

While many industries have been negatively affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the film industry has been particularly hard hit. Many cinemas were forced to close for large numbers in 2020, and many could remain closed well into 2021. As a consequence, many theatrical releases were delayed or had to be released on VOD. Great tentacle movies – like Dune, black widow, Y No time to die they were delayed for 6 to 12 months. Something like Mulan Y Borat Post Movie, found relative success in streaming services. By Christopher Nolan Beginning bombed in the United States and failed to break even when its marketing budget was taken into account. Tenet The failure spooked many distributors, and many of them decided to delay their biggest films until well into 2021. Currently, the best-performing film in national theatrical opening weekend since the pandemic began is Wonder Woman 1984 – which raised $ 16.7 million.

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A report from Variety who covered the weekend’s box office numbers revealed that Tom jerry has brought in the second-highest opening weekend box office since COVID-19 started. The film grossed $ 13.7 million in the United States, making it the second film to gross more than $ 10 million at the domestic box office in its opening weekend over the past ten months. The film has also grossed $ 25 million internationally.

Tom and Jerry on HBO Max

Despite strong box office numbers, Tom jerryCritical reception has not been outstanding. In particular, the film’s script has been criticized by the numbers, the focus on the live-action actors rather than the titular duo, and the bland performances of those actors. The film’s hybrid live-action / animation style has also been a mistake for many critics and viewers, with many pointing out that this new film shares the same issues that the duo’s previous theatrical outing had.

However, the film’s strong opening, despite its reception, should serve as a good sign for those looking for a return to the old days of the film. The movie numbers are unquestionable proof that people are starting to get ready to go back to the movies, especially when you consider Tom jerry also available on HBO Max. With notable movie centers like New York City set to reopen limited-capacity theaters next week, box office numbers like Tom jerryit can become the norm.

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Source: Variety

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