Cassandra Nova is one of the most dangerous villains to ever face the X-Men, and she remains one of the biggest threats to the future of mutants.

Many of the X-Men’s greatest enemies have become allies in the Krakoa era, working together to help unite and amplify mutant interests around the world. But there is a powerful villain who remains one of the most dangerous threats to the X-Men in the world.

Cassandra Nova, an alien spirit who is essentially Professor X’s evil twin, remains one of the biggest persistent threats to mutants.

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Cassandra Nova is one of the most dangerous figures the X-Men have encountered, and one of the most personal. The opposite number of Charles Xavier, Cassandra should have been his twin sister. However, even the unborn Xavier was able to sense something dangerous in Cassandra and caused an accident that resulted in her apparent stillbirth. Cassandra survived this attempt on her life as a psionic being, slowly rebuilding her body and finally dedicating herself to destroying her brother and the cause in which he had come to believe so strongly: peace between mutants and humans. With powerful psionic abilities of her own, Cassandra was one of the main antagonists after debuting in Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. New X-Men # 114 in 2001.

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Nova was directly responsible for the Sentinel’s assault on Genosha that resulted in the murder of 16 million mutants. She briefly possessed her brother and even brought chaos to the alien Shi’ar Empire by infecting Lilandra with madness. Eventually, Cassandra was contained within the body of the Imperial Superguardian known as Stuff and was held within the Xavier Institute. He tried to escape from his prison in Amazing X-Men and actually came close to claiming Shadowcat’s body as his own, only to be stopped by the X-Men. However, Nova eventually escaped and resurfaced after Jean Grey’s rebirth, proving to be a formidable foe to Jean’s efforts to bring peace between humans and mutants.

Nova moved across the world, infecting people not only with her cruel telepathy, but also with microscopic Sentinites that could bring anyone under her control. Nova sparked hatred against mutants around the world and established world governments to attack all mutants everywhere. However, Jean and his team in X-Men: red they were able to prevent their plans from succeeding; Jean even used the Sentinites to force Nova to feel empathy for the first time, causing the villain to kneel in tears. Jean vowed to help Nova grow and become a better person, only to the chaos of X-Man age to take Jean and most of the X-Men briefly into a parallel universe. This means that Cassandra is missing, which could be very dangerous.

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Cassandra Nova may be able to redeem herself. Many X-Men are former villains who saw the error of their ways. The future of “Here Comes Tomorrow” even saw a long-lived Nova eventually taking Xavier’s name and becoming a leader of the X-Men of that time period. However, there is a darkness about Cassandra Nova that cannot be underestimated. The fact that Jean and the X-Men didn’t get a chance to fully help her doesn’t bode well either, with the mutant heroes now distracted by their efforts to protect Krakoa and establish it as an important home for all mutants in the future. . . But all of that could get complicated if Nova goes back to her old ways and pushes nations already concerned about mutants into direct aggression against Krakoa, let alone stoking the fire of hatred in places that already despise mutants.

Considering the way Krakoa has treated the Scarlet Witch, a proven hero, with contempt for what she has done to mutant humanity, it is almost certain that Cassandra Nova would be considered the number one public enemy on the mutant island. Despite her apparent twist, Cassandra’s immense psychic powers could easily turn the rest of the Marvel Universe against Krakoa in a violent way. Nova could even see Xavier’s climb on the world stage as reason enough to meet him midway. If Cassandra returned, she could try to repeat what she did with Genosha and she could take the rest of the world with her.

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