As it was told in a tweet for Decider Editor-in-chief Alex Zalben covering the 2021 Television Critics Association panel, Kevin Feige responded to a question about Disney + MCU shows that were more successful than previous network shows by saying, “I think there are legions of Agents of protection fans, and Reckless fans, and Jessica jones fans, and Luke cage fans who would disagree with you. “Notably, he made no mention of Netflix Iron fist.

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As rumors and speculation spread about how and if previous Netflix MCU characters could return to the big screen, news about the Iron Fist character remains silent. Maybe this is Feige hinting that he thinks reviving him is a lost cause when the Fist series was Marvel’s only critical failure. However, when a character like Iron Fist has as much crossover potential as he does, there are ways to bring him back to the screen and not just leave a great character behind forever.

10 A cameo in the movie Shang-Chi

Shang chi

The public was originally supposed to see Shang-Chi introduced to the MCU with Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings last February, but like many movies in the Phase Four lineup during the novel coronavirus pandemic, it was postponed (and is now set for a summer 2021 release).

The comic iteration of Shang-Chi was released around the same time that Iron Fist made its comic book debut at a time in the 1970s when American pop culture was in love with kung-fu. As a nod to that era, Iron Fist could be reintroduced as a character in the Shang-chi filming with your fellow martial arts teacher.

9 Adapting the Wolverine / Iron Fist comic book miniseries after Wolverine enters the MCU

Wolverine's Iron Fist

All current signs seem to point to Marvel preparing to introduce mutants into the MCU, and perhaps has already done so through WandaVision if some fan theories are to be believed, now that the studio has retained the rights to the film X Men franchise. Fans eagerly await the return of the X-Men to the big screen, and especially the return of global fan favorite Wolverine.

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Whenever and however Wolverine returns to the big screen, it is destined to be an instant hit. If Marvel wants to take the safe route to ensure a similar profitable success for Iron Fist, they would adapt the 2000-2001 miniseries. Iron Fist / Wolverine: Return of K’un-Lun by Jim Mullaney and Kevin Lau for a massive big screen crossover.

8 As part of the next generation of MCU Avengers

Avengers Iron Fist Feature

By the time the MCU returns to the big screen in full force, The Avengers will look vastly different from how audiences last saw them together in Endgame, where the team’s de facto co-leaders, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, both met their end.

Fans can expect some familiar faces to return, but the team is also likely to acquire some new faces along the way. In the comics, Iron Fist is already a member of the New Avengers alongside the likes of Doctor Strange, so it wouldn’t hurt to bring him into the team’s cinematic fray to reinforce the idea of ​​a new era for the MCU’s Avengers.

7 Impersonating Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Home

An often forgotten side story that occurs in the background of Civil War history is that once Matt Murdock is revealed to be Daredevil, Danny Rand disguises himself as a Man Without Fear to persuade the media that they have the wrong man. . While in disguise, he even opposes the Superhumans Registration Act from Captain America’s side.

Although the MCU has already adapted the Civil War arc in the best way it could, it is also widely rumored that the Daredevil character is returning for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Since the characters already have a connection thanks to Defenders, its side story can be adapted in some way. Imagine the bait and change of fans dying to see Matt Murdock’s Daredevil return to screen, only to see his hands glow a deep red.

6 Training Hope Summers, who seems poised to hit the MCU soon

Hope Summers was one of the first mutant babies born on M-Day, depicted during the events of House of M. She ended up being adopted by Cable and another woman named Hope (Cable named the baby Hope after her late partner). Fast forward to events Avengers vs. X-Men, and to defeat a team of X-Men inflicted by Phoenix, Danny Rand takes Hope to train with K’un-Lun so that she too can become the Iron Fist.

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As WandaVision is currently freely adapting the events of House of M, fans shouldn’t be surprised if Hope Summers ends up being introduced to the MCU sooner rather than later. When that day comes, Rand could be reintroduced as an Iron Fist master trainer replacing him in action.

5 Along with the MCU return of Luke Cage as an adaptation of “Heroes For Hire”

Luke Cage Iron Fist Art Headline

Perhaps the most obvious way to officially introduce Iron Fist in the most cinematic part of the MCU would be to make a big screen movie for Heroes for Hire. Not only because Luke Cage and Iron Fist had their own comic together for years, but even the greatest enemies of the Iron fist The show loved the chemistry displayed between Mike Colter and Finn Jones.

If giving them a full-blown movie to themselves is a bit risky, then let them be recurring characters in the background of different MCU movies solving petty crimes together in the background.

4 Have a character besides Danny Rand Become the next Iron Fist

iron fist

This idea was already implied when mentioning Hope Summers, but it’s worth noting that Danny Rand is far from the only character to have the powers and nickname of Iron Fist. Other characters like Fongji and Fan Fei had solid careers like Iron Fist.

This is particularly important because the initial casting of Finn Jones, while the comics are accurate, generated some controversy from fans who settled in the vein of cultural appropriation. To avoid similar issues for a larger, mainstream movie audience, the MCU may just want to re-broadcast Iron fist with a new character at the helm.

3 Joining the rumored parade of cameos in Spider-Man: No Way Home

If the rumors are to be believed, it looks like everyone and their mother will be joining the cast of Spider-Man: No way home. Not just the aforementioned Matt Murdock (played by Charlie Cox), but even actors from other Spiderman franchises like Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Alfred Molina.

If that’s really the case, then it wouldn’t hurt to add a more recognizable cameo to the group: Finn Jones as Danny Rand. It doesn’t even need to have any meaning for the plot. Just a fun “blink and miss” cameo to wink at the audience.

two Join the X-Men reboot to help fight Sabretooth

Iron fist and saber tooth battle in a snowy panel

Truth be told, Iron Fist has crossed paths with The Avengers more often than the X-Men and has never joined Professor X’s mutant regime, but what he has done is take on Sabretooth frequently.

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On more than one occasion, Sabretooth has tangled with Iron Fist as a recurring villain. To provide a new take on Sworn Enemies and their comic book duel, have Iron Fist team up with the X-Men, brief as it may be, to take down a common enemy when the MCU finally officially releases the team reboot.

1 Appearing in Deadpool 3 because why not?

This idea sounds random on paper, yes, but so are a lot of Deadpool-related things. After all, Iron Fist is already being treated as the MCU TV-verse’s black sheep. Without mention of Kevin Feige and among the other Netflix series, Iron fist stands out as the most unpleasant and badly evaluated.

With Deadpool 3 Confirmed to fall under the MCU banner, a Finn Jones cameo as Danny Rand not only correctly introduces the character to the movie world, but Deadpool’s signature meta-humor allows for jokes to be made about the elephant in the room. If you have to be there, it could also be to make the audience laugh.

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