The brave, tenacious and passionate Erin Quinn is the de facto ringleader of the Derry girls, and her antics and adventures make up for the ups and downs of her teenage life towards the end of The Troubles in the Northern Irish city of Derry. Living with her parents, grandfather and little sister in the walled city, her life is not that different from that of any teenager, save for the fact that there are security checkpoints, barricades and British soldiers throughout her hometown.

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It’s not hard to see why she is the only person who holds her group of friends together: she has a good head on her shoulders, she shows some courage, and despite the best efforts of her hooligan friends, she tries to do the right thing. However, despite Erin’s excellent qualities, there are aspects of her personality and her life that just don’t add up.

10 Appear over 16

Erin Derry Girls

Erin may have the energy, enthusiasm, and attitude of a teenage girl, but she doesn’t seem like it. Often times, her appearance and body language make her look much older than her sixteen years. Actress Saoirse Monica-Jackson (27) was in her early twenties when she filmed the series, and this may explain her performance.

In fact, the vast majority of the female cast is in their twenties, but while Clare manages to look her age (even though actress Nicola Coughlan was 31 at the time the series began filming), Erin seems to be out of place. school, and can occasionally make your interactions with the younger cast members look weird.

9 Staying friends with Michelle

Michelle arriving with James

Michelle is the most abrasive member of the Derry girls and somehow has the ability to make her friends do whatever she wants. Even when she does mischief on her own (like stealing the chip shop’s job bag or threatening to beat up younger students), everyone else manages to get in trouble for it.

Erin has a lot of heart and a lot of self-confidence for her age, but she doesn’t stand up to Michelle. He may complain a bit, but in the end he does nothing to stop her. She seems to be concerned about her future prospects in life, but doesn’t seem to make the connection that staying friends with a hot head like Michelle will get her kicked out.

8 This

Erin toto

In the middle of season 1, Erin suffers a family tragedy; the sudden loss of Toto, his terrier. The dog has not been seen before that, and fans have no idea how much it meant to her. You have strong feelings for a pet that you have never seen played with, held, or even heard of.

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Viewers are made to think that she actually lost her Grandpa Joe because she’s looking at a photograph of the couple together, and it can be argued that the prank might not have worked as well if fans had watched her spend a great deal of time. with the dog. .

7 Say anything to clare

Clare devlin

As kind and compassionate as Clare is, she’s a snitch. Despite being the one who often declares that girls should form a united front against Sister Michael and not denounce any of her misdeeds (for fear that they will all be punished), she is the first to speak.

For some reason, Erin keeps saying things to Clare despite knowing that, in all likelihood, they will repeat them to Sister Michael or one of the other teachers. Erin has been in trouble so many times thanks to Clare that she should learn to keep her mouth shut.

6 Not defending James

From the moment James comes off the bus with Michelle, he is portrayed as an “idiot”. You don’t even get a chance to make a better impression because according to Michelle, he’s not worth getting to know. Poor James is forced to spend time with people who don’t really want him around, and the only people who could show compassion for him seem uninterested in extending it.

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Erin doesn’t tell Michelle to stop harassing James, even when he’s always courteous to her, and he doesn’t treat her half as badly as his own friends. Erin sees herself as a young woman with conviction, but when it makes more sense to show it, she pulls back. It makes viewers wonder why James decided to go to prom with her in the first place.

5 Thinking I had a chance with Father Peter

Father peter

In the great tradition of many famous Irish poets, Erin wears her heart on her sleeve. When she falls in love with a boy, she falls hard, to the point where everything else around her is ruined. The moment Father Peter appeared as part of Toto’s deception, she allowed herself to believe that he had feelings for her even though there were no signs to support her views.

Father Peter was kind, polite, and cared about every single girl in Derry, but Erin decided that the priest should only have eyes for her. This caused him to throw his friends under the bus simply to have a chance with him, a decision that not only nearly ruined his reputation, but also nearly knocked Father Peter off the web.

4 Not wanting James to be with Katya

Katya derry girls

Despite James being ridiculed by his friends, Katya, the Ukrainian exchange student who stays with Erin’s family, considers him handsome and sexy. James has the opportunity to have a real intimacy with Katya, but Erin does not want to allow it because she believes that Katya is a prostitute.

Although she is a rather cunning girl who is prone to analyzing situations to the point of overthinking them altogether, she does not seek alternative answers as to why Katya might be a prostitute and instead humiliates her and James in a completely embarrassing moment in front of her. of everyone at the party. Why would Erin care so much what James does with his romantic life?

3 Her relationship with David

David donnelly

Erin seems to be quite in love with David, a local musician she meets in Derry, but can’t seem to find the courage to ask out on a date. It is featured at the beginning of the first season, then disappears for a long period, then reappears later. Erin seems to be equally interested every time she sees him, but nothing progresses between them.

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Erin has no trouble tackling her other obstacles head-on, or beating up members of the clergy, but as far as David is concerned, she can’t seem to muster the ability to forge a solid connection, then wonders why he seems unable to. get an idea that he likes it.

two Being desperate for male attention

Erin and John Paul O'reilly

Erin considers herself a strong woman who doesn’t need a man to be successful in life, but when it comes to handsome boys in the area, she seems to have a weakness. When she sees John Paul, one of the hottest local guys whose heart has just been broken by her girlfriend, she decides it’s the perfect time for him to take her to prom.

Aside from being particularly insensitive, the action makes it seem like all Erin cares about is having a boyfriend. Ultimately, it turns out to be a good lesson for her, because John Paul ends up leaving her on her feet and realizes that he can’t force something to happen no matter how much he wants to.

1 Doesn’t support Clare’s coming out of the closet

Clare cracking under pressure

When it turns out that Clare is the student behind the anonymous coming out story in the school newspaper, her friends are shocked, but none other than Erin, who can’t believe her best friend is a lesbian. Her blatant homophobia and sudden change are a shocking display of disloyalty to her best friend.

When new girl Mae befriends Clare and treats her with more respect, Erin becomes incredibly jealous and begins to act increasingly bellicose towards her old friend rather than simply acknowledging why Clare might feel hurt enough to be friend of a monster like Mae in The First Place.

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