Horror legend George A. Romero’s lost 1973 film The Amusement Park will premiere this summer on the Shudder streaming service.

A lost movie by horror legend George A. Romero will finally open this summer. Romero did The amusement park in 1973, but for almost half a century, the finished film never saw the light of day.

The amusement park represents the only time in his long and legendary career that Romero made a commissioned film. The film was produced for the Lutheran Society to address the mistreatment of the elderly, but was believed to be lost until 2018 when a print resurfaced. The film’s recovery came about thanks to the efforts of Daniel Kraus, best known for his collaborations with director Guillermo del Toro. Now, Romero’s wife, Suzanne Desrocher-Romero, and the George A. Romero Foundation are spearheading efforts to restore the film in 4k high definition.

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Made between the iconic Night of the Living Dead and the multiple sequels that it produced, The amusement park promises to continue Romero’s celebrated tradition of making social commentary-rich horror movies. With The amusement parkAt the urging of the Lutheran Society, the highly influential director turned his lens on the issues of age discrimination and elder abuse. In the end, society deemed it too intense for their liking.

The amusement park It will premiere on horror streaming service Shudder on an unspecified date this summer.

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