Players will have to pay a high price to drive the Peyote Custom in GTA Online, but its impressive performance makes the high cost worth it.

For players looking to ride in style in GTA Online, Consider the luxurious Vapid Peyote Custom. The two-door lowrider came to Grand Theft Auto Online following the special Los Santos summer update. It is considered a variation of the Peyote, which has appeared in a variety of GTA games, including GTA 5, GTA 4, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, and of course, GTA Online.

This classic sports car is modeled after a Ford Thunderbird, also fondly known as the T-Bird. The two-door car was produced by Ford for several years, beginning in the 1950s and running through the early 2000s.

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The Vapid Peyote Custom available in GTA 5 Y GTA Online most look like a first-generation Thunderbird. Fans in the GTA Wiki They have pointed out that the front exterior of the Peyote Custom bears a striking resemblance to the T-Bird models produced in the 1950s, while the rear is closer to a Thunderbird from the mid-1960s. However, the vehicle has small differences from Ford Thunderbird models, including dual-stacked headlights and taillights instead of individual ones. The car also lacks a hooded scoop.

Peyote Custom performance in GTA Online

The Peyote Custom available in GTA Online It also has several notable differences from previous variations of the car available on other GTA games. For example, while the license plate holder is located at the rear on the original Peyote, it has been moved to the front of the vehicle. Similarly, the Peyote Custom features a single color on the body, thus renouncing the two-color coloration of the traditional model.

In addition to its physical appearance, the Peyote Custom in GTA Online has some differences in performance. Gamers have reported that the vehicle is better in terms of top speed and traction compared to previous models. However, it is still known for its poor braking and acceleration. It’s a heavy car that can be difficult to turn, but it’s nothing a steady hand on the wheel can’t solve.

How to find the custom peyote in GTA Online

GTA Online Custom Peyote Location and Price Explained

It is clear that Peyote Custom is a trip to remember in GTA Online. This raises the question of how players can get their hands on the vehicle. Y how much they will have to pay. GTA Base explains that the Peyote Custom can be purchased directly from Benny’s Original Motor Works. Players will need to spend $ 620,000 on the ride, which they can then store in the Garage. The Vapid Peyote Custom also has a resale value of $ 372,000.

But the costs don’t necessarily end there, since From GTA Online Peyote Custom can also be customized at Benny’s Original Motor Works. Players can perform a variety of modifications, improving everything from car brakes, lights, suspension, and even windows. Customizations can cost a penny, with some of them exceeding thousands of dollars, especially if players choose the maximum armor upgrades. But it wouldn’t be from Rockstar Grand Theft Auto Online without the endless customization options for cars and characters.

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Source: GTA Base

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