When michael left The office, the program posed an impossible dilemma to solve. The show was understandably successful without him, as people often criticized the last few seasons. This made sense, since Michael was the heart of the series. He was the manager and person the fans followed the most.

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However, even if the show struggled a bit without him, it should be noted that it wasn’t all bad. In fact, she had some standout moments without him that should be commended. The show was able to last two more seasons without him and he did a good job working with what was left. The other main characters and even the supporting characters had much more meaningful stories, which became more intriguing as time went on. He also didn’t lose his humor, which definitely allowed him to maintain a large following.

Although the show missed Michael immensely, it was definitely fun and adapted quite well to the unfavorable situation he was left in.

10 Michael got his happy ending

Michael proposes to Holly

Fans were left with a positive thought when Michael left; got this happy ending. Michael, of course, moved to Colorado to be with Holly and it was later revealed that he had children with her.

This was great, as it gave Michael the one thing he wanted most in the world. It was great that fans were also updated on his life with Holly in the final season. Overall, the series did wonderfully when they completed their story.

9 Dwight and Jim came closer

Dwight and Jim hanging out at Dunder Mifflin

Throughout the series, it was evident that Dwight and Jim had quite a rivalry. Jim was often the antagonist with this, constantly teasing Dwight and deliberately getting under his skin. Dwight, understandably, was the one who got the most angry with the other.

However, these two overcame immense obstacles and were extremely close after Michael left. In fact, Jim ended up being Dwight’s best man. It was certainly a drastic change in their dynamics from the start to say the least.

8 It became a more balanced show

Office workers all together in front of the computer

This series followed Michael the vast majority of the time, as he was the most popular character. However, with its loss so significant, the show was left to spend a lot of time with its supporting characters. This really paid off.

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This was where the audience was able to learn more about all of them, as their stories deepened. This also allowed for some incredible comic moments. Also, a prime example of where this worked was when it was revealed that Meredith surprisingly earned her Ph.D.

7 Robert California was very interesting

Robert California as manager

Robert California was definitely not the most popular of the new characters, but he offered a lot of comedy. This was due to the fact that it was very interesting and well, weird. It helped provide intriguing stories, even if his time on the series was short.

Everyone knows that he was never going to replace Michael. However, even with this being the case, it offered a new style to the series that worked very well. However, you might have liked it better if it were a regular employee.

6 Erin grew significantly

Erin meets and hugs her parents.

Erin became one of the best parts of the last few seasons of this series. This was due to the fact that she went from simply being the dumb receptionist role. She learned that she was much better off without Andy, as he left her to travel on his family’s boat.

It was also fantastic for her to end up meeting her long-lost parents, as it was completely unpredictable. Overall, the way the show completed its story was magnificent and certainly deserved praise.

5 The pool party

Jim tries to leave Robert's pool party

The pool party was one of the funniest parts of the series after Michael left. He did a fantastic job of showing how the characters acted outside of work. Plus, he provided some pretty intriguing stories in the process.

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It was hilarious when Dwight tried to help Erin make Andy jealous, while Jim tried to quickly leave the party. Overall, it was a very good episode and had a lot of the vibes from previous seasons with Michael.

4 Dwight finally became a manager

Dwight as manager of Dunder Mifflin

Dwight deserved to be a coach as soon as Michael left. Not only was he the best employee in the branch, but he was also the most dedicated. Therefore, it was difficult to see that other co-workers filled the position before him.

The wait was surely worth it though, as it was revealed that Dwight was finally in control. He also noticed that he was close to all of his subordinates, which was an extremely moving moment that came from him.

3 Kevin found a better career for himself

Kevin working in his bar

Kevin ended up fired from Dunder Mifflin as he made a lot of mistakes as an accountant. In the first place, it was quite peculiar that he played that role, since it was clearly not his area of ​​expertise. However, Kevin was seen to change his professional life when he ended up becoming a bar owner. In fact, he was quite successful at it.

two Jim followed his dream

Jim working at Athlead

Although Jim was wrong not to ask Pam about her opinion of him working for Athlead, it was nice for him to find a job that brought him joy. While there was a conflict at first, it ended up being resolved and the couple moved on.

Jim was clearly listless with his work while at Dunder Mifflin, so this was a good ending for him. It was great to see him take a big advantage as he ended up being quite successful as a result.

1 Dwight and Angela got married

Dwight and Angela get married

The story of Dwight and Angela after Michael left was easily the most intriguing. This was due to the fact that it was unclear if Dwight was the father of her son, Phillip, and Angela had married the senator. However, when the two of them finally broke up together, it was absolutely beautiful.

It was definitely the perfect way to end their story, as even though their relationship was flawed at times, they were the best for each other. The wedding episode was spectacular and one of the most memorable moments in the history of the entire show.

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