Every month Sony adds and removes games from its streaming service, PlayStation Now. This is what subscribers receive in March.

A new month means new games are joining PlayStation Now, Sony’s subscription service that gives users access to a huge library of games to play on demand. Overall, March 2021 is relatively slow for games, but while this month’s PS Now games lack a heavyweight like last month Call of Duty: Black Ops III or December Horizon zero dawnThere are still titles worth checking out, especially for those who were initially missed.

These four additions are action packed games that provide unique and distinct challenges for players to enjoy. Here’s what you need to know about the games coming to PlayStation Now in March.

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World War Z

This cooperative third-person shooter is loosely based on a 2006 book and its 2013 film adaptation. World War Z has groups of four battling hordes of zombies in cities like New York, Tokyo, and Moscow in story-based missions, which players can complete in single or multiplayer mode. Players can choose one of seven classes, each with its own specializations and unlockables. There are also modes that allow players to fight each other, although they will still have to deal with zombies.

World War Z will be available on PlayStation Now until September 6.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

After celebrating its second anniversary with an update earlier this year, the latest entry in the Ace Combat combat flight simulation game series is coming to PS Now. The game combines authentic aircraft in use today with military technology from the near future to create an immersive action experience. Players will be able to pilot fighter jets equipped with powerful weapons to participate in single player combat missions or in various multiplayer modes. The game is also compatible with PlayStation VR and has exclusive missions to go with it.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown will be available on PlayStation Now until May 31.

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infamous second son

Infamous second son

An action adventure game with super powers, Infamous second son was made by Sucker Punch Productions, the studio now best known for last year’s hit Tsushima ghost. Follow Delsin Rowe and her fight against the Unified Protection Department in a fictional version of today’s Seattle. Delsin’s powers include manipulating, even assembling various materials, and her powers grow and evolve as the game progresses.

It is also convincing Infamous second sonsystem of morality. Players can make Delsin act good or bad, either by healing civilians and arresting criminals or by killing innocents and enemies alike. This is connected to a Karma level, which changes based on the player’s choices and impacts certain mission results.

Super hot

One of the most unique first-person shooter games is coming to PS Now this month. Super hot innovates in the tried-and-true genre by adding time-based mechanics and a new level of strategy. In this game, time only moves at a normal rate when the player is in motion. This gives players a chance to assess the situation and respond accordingly, which they will need to do as taking a single hit will kill the player, forcing them to start the level again. Super hot It’s a challenging game without the convenient health regen items or ammo drops from other shooters. It combines chaos and control, putting the player at a disadvantage, but eventually (possibly) on their side.

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