The second oldest member of the Power Pack may have simply given up his life to save his brothers. But if he did, there will be consequences for his family.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for VC’s Ryan North, Nico Leon, Rachelle Rosenberg and Travis Lanham Power Pack # 3 available now.

The Power Pack has recently returned to the superhero scene after Alex and Julie Power were summoned to Earth via the Fantastic Four’s new Forever Gate. But they missed a lot during their time away. The implementation of Kamala’s Law made it illegal for underage superheroes to operate without a registered mentor. But the one they chose turned out to be the magician in disguise.

He attempted to divert the team’s powers onto himself, trapping them when they discovered the truth. But before she could complete her plan, Julie gathered what little power was left within her and unleashed it, freeing her siblings and potentially sacrificing herself in the process.

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As the oldest girl on the Power Pack team, Julie has always assumed a motherly role among her siblings. In his younger years, he would repair his siblings’ super suits after they returned from battle, looked after Katie Power, the youngest of the group, and tried to mediate between any potential arguments that might have hampered the team’s effectiveness. In short, Julie was the most responsible of her siblings, trying to stay calm and doing what needed to be done, even if it made her feel uncomfortable or ignored her own personal feelings. Therefore, it is not surprising that she was the one who made this decision.

After discovering that the Wizard had been stealing their powers with the machine they originally believed to be generating clean energy, the Power Pack attempted to attack, but they were quickly stopped in capsules. The Magician, the boastful that he is, made a monologue about how he was going to steal the rest of his powers and take over the world. Julie, who before this had been looking back on her life, had none of this. She had been wondering if he was a “real hero”, as she put it. She had given up once before, to avoid getting hurt, and she felt this made her a coward. True heroes, in their eyes, would sacrifice themselves for their loved ones before actually giving up. And it seems that is exactly what he did.

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Julie unleashed one last burst of power that seemed to consume her, but freed her brothers and sister. She saved them and proved herself to be a hero, but the cost has yet to be revealed. What if it was too much and she died in the process? His sacrifice would have important consequences not only for the team, but for his entire family. The immediate result would be the reaction of his brothers. Assuming they can escape the Wizard, if they don’t try to kill him for causing Julie’s death, the Power Pack will most likely dissolve.

It was always a family matter. All four fighting crime, helping and having fun. When Alex and Julie left with Future Foundation, the team was practically gone. But that was only temporary as the older Powers were still there and would return one day. But the death of one of them could be what definitely breaks the team. Not only because they lost a member, but also because they would eventually have to tell their parents the truth about their activities and in the process tell them that one of their children is dead. His death would not only spell the breakdown of the team, it could ruin his entire family.

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