Ray Fisher offers new details on racist requests made by Warner Bros. executives for new original footage of the Justice League in 2017.

Ray Fisher took to Twitter to reveal new details about the racism that prevailed during the new 2017 recordings for League of Justice. Last summer, Fisher detailed Joss Whedon’s alleged abusive behavior during the new filming. Actor Cyborg also revealed that this behavior was made possible by both Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, who served as producers on League of Justice. Warner Bros. launched an investigation into the allegations, but Fisher has repeatedly spoken out against WarnerMedia’s involvement in the process and the possible biases that could influence the outcome.

WB’s investigation resulted in vague corrective action being taken, but Fisher says that does little to resolve the issue at hand. Current DC Films president Walter Hamada has only made it even easier to cover up this behavior, Fisher says, and the actor has made it clear that he no longer wishes to work at the DCEU while Hamada is in charge. Fisher was later removed from The flash And his future in the DCEU remains uncertain, but the actor has said losing a job is worth it if he can bring to light the prevalence of racism and abusive behavior in the studio.

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Now, Fisherman has posted a new statement on Twitter detailing the racist requests made by Warner Bros. executives during League of Justice fire again. Fisher says his statement only touches on some of the issues that came up, including the damaging stereotype of Fisher and his character as “an angry black man in the middle of the movie. Fisher also says that some of the new footage was done to objectify Cyborg’s character, including a shot specifically designed to emphasize the character’s anatomy. The actor also mentions the skillful comments made by the producers when asking him to modify his performance to emulate. Quasimodo’s character. Fisher ends his statement by stating that Snyder League of Justice it serves as an “opposition” to this rampant “discrimination” present during the new shots. Read their full statement below:

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Fisher has mentioned the fact that racism was prevalent during discussions about the League of Justice he records again, but this is the first time that the actor gives details about the situation. Fisher has previously stated that the producers deliberately removed actors of color from the film’s final cut and, while Warner Bros. denies these allegations, the absence or reduction of certain character roles (including Joe Morton as Silas Stone, Karen Bryson as Ellinore Stone, Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, and Zheng Kai as Ryan Choi) seem to corroborate Fisher’s claims.

The toxic work environment and racist and skilled behavior does not begin or end with League of Justice and the Fisher accusations. Hollywood has long been an environment in which this type of behavior thrives behind closed doors. Bringing it out, Fisher continues to advocate not only for himself, but also for those who cannot speak. As WB continues to defend those involved in the investigation, Fisher is helping promote the upcoming Snyder Cut of the League of Justice and thanking his followers for being by his side during what is likely to be a very difficult process.

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