Delroy Lindo he is a man of many achievements. He has a Tony Award nomination to his name and loads of stellar credits including Malcolm x, The rules of the cider house and now Spike lee‘s Give 5 Bloods, which will hopefully keep him very busy this awards season. But do you know what else is a significant achievement in his filmography? Offer a line of dialogue that transcends a movie and becomes iconic: the line “Stop eating my sesame cake”, in Congo.

Lindo has a scene in the 1995 release, but it’s one of the film’s most memorable moments due to its screen presence and delivery of dialogue. Lindo steps in as Captain Wanta, a leader of the local militia who ultimately grants the main set safe passage during their mission. As soon as Karen (Laura linney), Monroe (Ernie hudson) and Herkermer Homolka (Tim curry) sit down to chat, Lindo’s character insists that they enjoy a coffee and cake. Later, while Homolka does just that, Wanta yells, “Stop eating my sesame cake!” And at that very moment, history is made.

Delroy Lindo in Da 5 Bloods

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While we spent a lot of time highlighting Lindo’s stellar work in Give 5 Bloods during his episode of Connected colliderThere was simply no brake; I had to ask Lindo about filming that scene in Congo. Here’s what he had to say about that line and sign for the movie:

“Yeah, it has become a thing, huh? I’m pretty sure it was written. And it was another case where I was paid very well, literally, for a day’s work. When they offered me that part for the first time, I think it was going to be shot in the Dominican Republic and the producers said, ‘Look, would you come do this part? We are filming in the Dominican Republic. You can bring your wife. You can shoot a day or two on film and then you can spend some time in the Dominican Republic. ‘ And I was like, ‘Oh, great. Fantastic. Yes, I’ll play the part. ‘ Time passed and we ended up filming in Pasadena. [Laughs] I was able to bring my wife, but we went to Pasadena and not to the Dominican Republic ”.

The cinematic magic behind creating such an unforgettable beat in a movie? Lindo insists it’s just about getting the job done:

“But the line was written and it was one of those things that I just walked in and did the work that was in front of me. They were very good actors in the cast. And we just worked, and it just happened and it’s one of those things that it’s become, your word is ‘iconic’. It has become a thing. I am clear that it has become something and it is the connection that many, many people make because of my contribution to that movie. ”

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Tim Curry in the Congo

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At the beginning of our conversation, Lindo corrected himself when talking about smaller roles in movies, choosing not to use the term “small parts” as he does not respect the value of such roles. Referring to that point in our talk, Lindo added this about print lines like, “Stop eating my sesame cake,” which can cause an audience:

“And maybe to my previous point of not referring to ‘small parts’, I suppose that is an example of how any of us invest in the words that are in front of us in a script, and that will dictate what you get out of it. as an actor in terms of the creative process, but also the potential impact on audiences. ”

There you have it! Delroy Lindo’s memories of filming that scene featured in Congo. If you’re looking for more from Lindo, we’ve got you covered. Our complete Collider Connected conversation with SAG and Critics Choice nominees Give 5 Bloods star will be available right here tomorrow.

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