Olympian Lolo Jones claimed that her early departure from The Challenge: Double Agents was organized by producers and she did not want to leave the competition.

Olympian Lolo Jones revealed on Twitter that MTV’s producers The challenge forced her to leave the competition. The rookie challenger left the competition at the end of the last episode. The athlete struggled to find her balance throughout the season, but kept her head high in the spirit of competition. The decision surprised both fans of the show and fellow competitors.

Lolo told her co-stars that she would be leaving the show at the end of the 11th episode of the season. He cited multiple reasons for his premature departure; the main reason was that she felt like her competitors were blocking her from winning a gold skull. She claimed that she was betrayed by him Older brother Alliance; He couldn’t see a clear path to the finish line and preferred to spend this time pursuing other goals. “I’m trying to train for the Olympics and represent Team USA, so I’m going to go.“Said the star. However, Lolo had a different story to tell once the episode aired.

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The Challenge forced me to resign and that is a fact,“Revealed the athlete on Twitter, “I He was pushed aside before the show and was told it looked like I had to go.The Olympian was quick to dismiss the narrative that she left the competition on purpose. “I have never left anything in my lifeJones insisted, “Hell I’m one of the oldest Olympians [because] I don’t quit.She continued to distance herself from any abandonment labels by revealing shocking information in a since deleted tweet.

The last challenge was also organized.Jones stated, “CT and Big T technically didn’t win. There was a drop zone and they weren’t in the parameters,”Said the Olympian. The former challenger was referring to the latest challenge that required competitors to jump over a moving rope, fall into a designated landing zone and swim to the finish platform; Fan favorites CT and Big T unexpectedly won. “Once I realized that producers can change the rules to suit who they want to win, I was still willing to stick around and fight.The bold claim broke the fourth wall and it is unclear if Jones deleted the tweet because it is false or if MTV may have forced her to do so. “There are so many secrets that viewers don’t knowJones continued in a separate tweet, “I hope people remember that the challenge is not a real competition, it is a television show.. “

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The Olympian reflected on the positive aspects of her departure in her final tweet. “The good news is that I hadn’t left; I would not have made the SA sled team,“Revealed Jones,”I would have missed the cut for 2 days. If he had not joined the team, he would not be a world champion; So in the end, God directs our paths. “Anything that works for Jones is certainly a silver lining. It also makes any relationship with MTV potentially damaging by revealing worthwhile behind-the-scenes secrets.

Jones left a strong partner in the show’s Nam Vo Ultimate Beastmaster. It is unknown what the show will do now that there are two rogue male agents in the mix. This is not the first time that the unexpected departure of a woman has left the gender balance uneven. Last time, the show brought Ashley Mitchell back, but the latest episode revealed a mysterious twist in the security breach. Without a doubt, something exciting awaits us.

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