The Resident Evil 4 remake is scheduled for 2023. Here is all the information about Ramon Salazar, one of the two baddies from the original Resident Evil 4.

It’s a great time to be a Demonic resident fan. In addition to the highly anticipated Resident Evil Village, alias Resident Evil 8, which will be released on May 7, 2021, fans can also look forward to an upcoming remake of Resident Evil 4. For those new to the series, Resident Evil 4 came out in 2005 as a GameCube exclusive title (though that would change later) and is still regarded as one of the best Demonic resident games, as well as one of the best horror games by many fans. Publisher Capcom hasn’t officially announced a release date for the in progress RE4 Redo, but it should be available sometime in 2023.

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2020 Resident Evil 3 remake significantly changed the story of the original game, so it is likely that the Resident Evil 4 It would also be somewhat different from the original, but it will probably follow the same general plot. Resident Evil 4 took the series to rural Spain, where returning RE The character Leon Kennedy had to rescue the kidnapped daughter of the American president. Meanwhile another Demonic resident Fan favorite Ada Wong also returned to the series, investigating the outbreak of a mysterious parasite called Las Plagas and the fanatic organization responsible, Los Illuminados.

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Leon and Ada faced two main villains in Resident Evil 4. In addition to biological weapons researcher and self-styled neo-pagan prophet Osmund Saddler, León and Ada had to deal with the Spanish nobleman, Ramón Salazar. Based on changes in the Resident Evil 3 remake, the new version of Salazar might be a little different than the previous version. Here is all the information about Ramón Salazar’s backstory in Resident Evil 4 as it currently is.

Ramon Salazar’s origins and plan in Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 Ramon Salazar's Backstory Boss

Ramón Salazar is a “Castilian” or a Spanish governor of a castle. He is an eighth-generation Castilian, and at this time the work is largely ceremonial. He is physically short in stature and appears old enough to reach middle age, but in reality he is only in his early 20s. The Salazar family has a long history with Los Illuminados and Las Plagas. The Plague first appeared during the reign of Salazar’s ancestor, the first Castilian. The first Castilian repressed the fanatics and sealed the Plague within his castle. Generations later, Salazar becomes Castilian and lives an isolated life. That makes him easy prey for Resident Evil 4The main villain, Osmund Saddler, who has resurrected Los Illuminados.

Shortly before the events of Resident Evil 4, Saddler arrives and convinces Salazar that his ancestor was wrong and Los Illuminados were right, and Salazar agrees to give Saddler access to Las Plagas. At this point, Saddler takes control of Salazar’s wealth and resources and uses them to research and experiment on Plague. Salazar is given the job of protecting the “Plague Queen”, a huge monster that gives birth to Plague. But in reality, he is a pawn in Saddler’s scheme.

And Saddler’s plan? Conquer the world by kidnapping the daughter of the President of the United States, infecting her with the Plague, and then using her in some way to manipulate or possibly infect the President and other high-ranking American officials. Salazar’s castle serves as Saddler’s base of operations, and Salazar goes to great lengths to stop Leon and Ada. In the end, León defeats Salazar in one of Demonic residentThere are many boss battles.

If this version of Ramón Salazar is the same that appears in the Demonic resident 4 the remake is anyone’s guess. But if you do, you will face stiff competition from Resident Evil VillageLady Dimitrescu for the title of “Most Memorable Demonic resident villain”

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