10 anime swordsmen Darth Vader could cut down

The anime industry is incredibly vast and fans have had the opportunity to visit dozens of fictional worlds that are filled with characters possessing special abilities and powers, but what many anime series have in common is the existence of at least one teacher. swordsman. In the real world, no one would stand a chance against most of these swordsmen, but there are other fictional characters that could wipe them out.

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the Star Wars The franchise gave the world X-Wings and the Force, but it also gave the world the lightsabers and Darth Vader. The Sith Lord became one of the strongest Force users of all time, and virtually no one could match his lightsaber skills, so he could take out many of the most powerful swordsmen in anime.

10 Mihawk may be the strongest swordsman in One Piece, but not even he can defend himself from a lightsaber.

One piece It is full of swordsmen, but only a handful of them are capable of challenging Dracule Mihawk. The former Warlord of the Sea is considered the strongest swordsman in the world, and that is because he possesses superhuman physical strength, extraordinary agility, exceptional eyesight, and unmatched skill with all types of sword.

Mihawk has faced several of One Piece’s most famous swordsmen, and he hasn’t suffered a single known injury, but that’s because he’s been able to block his sword strikes with his own swords. However, Vader can cut through any metal blade with his lightsaber, which means that Mihawk cannot mount a proper defense unless he has a lightsaber of his own.

9 Saber could wield Excalibur, but Vader can just cut it straight

the Destination The franchise focuses on historical heroes who must fight alongside their human Masters to capture the Holy Grail, and throughout the series, the most iconic hero is Saber, a blonde woman who is actually the legendary King Arthur.

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Saber wields the legendary sword, Excalibur, and with it, she can turn mana into light and fire at her enemy like a laser beam. Vader wouldn’t survive such an attack, but thankfully he can use the Force to alter his aim, or he can simply knock it out of his hands. However, in a real sword fight, even Excalibur cannot survive a clash with a lightsaber.

8 Guts has defeated countless enemies with his sword, but Vader is more powerful than anyone he has ever fought.

Guts, Berserk

Many consider Maddened to be one of the best manga series of all time, and a lot of those accolades come from Guts, a former mercenary who now roams the world while in a constant struggle with himself, as he is torn between seeking revenge and protecting himself. who has. Estimated.

Guts is a master swordsman who wields a huge sword and has used it to take down some pretty powerful enemies. However, he has never faced someone as strong as Vader, as the Sith Lord can use the Force to throw him like a rag doll. His broadsword wouldn’t stand a chance against a lightsaber either.

7 Mugen’s unique fighting style means nothing to Vader

Mugen can be rude, lewd, temperamental, and a bit unhinged, but no one can deny his sword skills. Over the years, he managed to develop his own fighting style, which incorporates breakdancing and various martial arts.

This style is very erratic and unpredictable, making it very difficult to counter, but it wouldn’t work against someone like Vader who can use the Force to push it away. The Sith Lord could also use Force Choke to stop Mugen mid-attack and then hit him with a lightsaber.

6 Sakata Gintoki’s sword may be powerful, but it is still made of wood.

Sakata Gintoki is one of the most iconic swordsmen in anime, and he is a highly skilled samurai who is known for being quite lazy. He is an expert in close combat and can use practically any weapon with great skill, but his weapon of choice is the Bokuto.

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The Bokuto is a wooden sword that was created from a ten thousand year old tree from another planet, and is capable of cutting practically anything. If Vader is able to cut metal swords, a wooden one will become nothing but firewood.

5 Claire may have Yoma’s blood, but she can still be cut by a lightsaber.

Claymore Anime

Unlike other shonen series, Old house is a perfect example of how to do proper power scaling. Clare is the main protagonist, and she started out as a girl who agreed to become a warrior to kill the monster that killed her friend and mother figure.

Clare can harness the power of Yoma (demon), and the more she uses, the more her body transforms, and is capable of unleashing a barrage of high-speed slashes that can cut someone to pieces. Common swords are capable of slicing through Clare’s skin, so a lightsaber will definitely do the job, and since it cauterizes wounds, it will prevent her from healing.

4 Akame’s poison sword won’t work because it will never get close enough to Vader

Akame may be a teenager, but she is one of the most skilled and dangerous assassins out there, and it helps her handle Murasame. With this sword, Akame can spread a poisonous curse all over his opponent’s body, and all he needs to do is pierce his flesh once.

If Akame succeeds in cutting Vader, she will die, but that will only happen if she can get close enough. Vader can use the Force to push Akame away from him, and if he uses Murasame to defend himself, Vader’s lightsaber will cut him in half.

3 Kirito may have experience with an energy sword, but Vader also has strength on his side.

Kirito has proven time and time again that he is a skilled swordsman, so he should be able to defeat various anime characters, but Vader is on a completely different level. Kirito can fight with one or two swords, which is fine, but Vader can cut any traditional sword he chooses to use.

In Sword Art Online ‘In season two, Kirito wielded an energy sword that was similar to a lightsaber, so he could successfully block Vader’s attacks with it, but Vader has much more experience and the Force on his side.

two Himura Kenshin may be a skilled samurai, but Vader’s strength powers would be too much for him.

Anime Rurouni Kenshin Himura Kenshin Drawn Sword

Himura Kenshin started out as a young samurai who wanted to overthrow the Shogun of Japan because he wanted to bring about a new era of peace, but as the revolution continued, he realized that he was nothing more than a skilled assassin.

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Kenshin is a master of the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu sword style, which allows him to move faster than the human eye can see, and means that very few opponents survive his first attack. Fortunately, Vader can use the Force to stop him in his tracks, and a single lightsaber strike will bring him down for good.

1 If Mihawk doesn’t stand a chance against Vader, neither does Zoro

There are very few anime swordsmen who are stronger than Zoro, and that’s because he can cut through entire buildings with a single slash, but it also helps that he can swing his swords with enough force to generate a blade made of wind.

Zoro can fight with up to three swords, and he can use Armament Haki to increase the strength and durability of those swords, but no level of Haki can defend against a lightsaber strike. Zoro is also a student of Mihawk, and if Vader can cut him, Zoro will be too.

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