With International Women’s Day just around the corner, a great way to celebrate it is to reflect on the inspiring stories of women who have left lasting impressions on the world. Whether as lawyers, journalists or artists, women have spearheaded important movements that have paved the way for women today.

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From Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Harriet Tubman, there are women who have greatly created the lives that women today can lead. Her inspiring contributions and those of other women around the world can remind young children today of their potential and their ability to make an impact. Here are ten biographies on iconic women who have changed the world.

10 Erin Brockovich (2000)

This film is a 2000 legal drama that follows the true story of activist Erin Brockovich (Julie Roberts), who is waging a passionate fight against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, which illegally dumped 370 million gallons of contaminated water into ponds throughout Hinkley, California. .

Brockovich took a life-changing case against PG&E, creating an inspiring portrait of what a single person can do with their voice and a firm belief in good. This Steven Soderbergh-directed biographical drama garnered 5 Oscar nominations and a BAFTA, SAG and Golden Globe Award for actress Roberts.

9 Frida (2002)

Salma Hayek plays Mexican painter Frida Kahlo in this 2002 biographical film about the artist’s life. The film begins with Kahlo’s near-death car accident at age 18, which launched her career as a painter. The film explores many facets of Kahlo’s life, including her relationships in Mexico in the 1920s and 1930s and her trips to New York and Paris, and concludes with her declining health leading to a series of amputations and prostrate immobility. in bed.

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Frida is a powerful portrait of a woman who faced many ups and downs in her life and was remembered as an iconic surrealist portraitist whose paintings still circulate the world today. The biopic won two Academy Awards and was an official Film of the Year selection for the American Film Institute.

8 A Private War (2018)

This 2018 drama tells the biographical story of The Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin (Rosamund Pike). While dealing with PTSD after being shot while in Sri Lanka, she meets Paul Conroy (Jamie Dornan), a war photographer, and the two decide to cover the Syrian crisis in 2012.

Colvin raises awareness of the Syrian crisis in the American news, but is shortly afterwards killed by a series of explosions around Homs, Syria. The film features interviews of real-life Marie Colvin and is a jarring but admirable tribute to the power of journalism and the women who risk their lives to tell these stories from an often distant world.

7 Colette (2018)

Colette is the true story of the French writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, played by Keira Knightley. The film chronicles the toxic relationship between Colette and her husband Willy (Dominic West), who publishes a series of books written by Colette in his own name.

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Their relationship becomes increasingly manipulative, as Willy even goes so far as to lock Colette in her room until she finishes writing the next sequel that she has promised to her editor.

6 Hidden Figures (2016)

This film follows three African-American mathematicians: Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe), and Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer), who worked at NASA during the space race era. Women must overcome daily obstacles for both their race and gender, and this 2016 biopic is a powerful and inspiring story about being a woman in STEM and, most poignant, being a woman of color in STEM and an organization. as big as NASA. that impacted the progress of science in America.

5 Woman walks ahead (2018)

This biographical western is about the artist and activist of the National Indian Defense Association Caroline Weldon (Jessica Chastain), who goes to the Dakotas in the 1890s in America to paint a living portrait of the Lakota leader Sitting Bull (Michael Greyeyes ) amid rising tensions with local Americans. determined to fight the natives, culminating in the Wounded Knee Massacre.

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Two portraits of Weldon of Sitting Bull still exist, one held by the North Dakota Historical Society in Bismarck, North Dakota, and the other in the Arkansas Historical Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas. Woman walks forward it was distributed by A24 and DirecTV Cinema and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

4 Bessie (2015)

This HBO original tells the biographical story of Bessie Smith (Queen Latifah), a blues singer from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The stakes in Bessie’s life increase as she is orphaned at a young age and despite her growing success as a musician, she faces daily tales of racism from white guests during her shows and the Ku Klux Klan.

Like many struggling artists, Bessie eventually slides into alcoholism and her mental health worsens. However, after overcoming these countless struggles, Bessie fights for a successful comeback and her music lives on. The film was nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards and won the Best Television Movie award.

3 The Iron Lady (2011)

Iron Woman is a 2011 biographical drama about former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who was the first woman to hold political office. The film follows Thatcher’s journey from her humble beginnings as the daughter of a grocer to her studies at Oxford University and then into the male-dominated political sphere. The film concludes with Thatcher’s resignation after 11 years of representing the Conservative Party.

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Thatcher blazed a trail in a world that otherwise would not have allowed her to, and is known as the “iron lady” for her fierce and persistent leadership. Meryl Streep won a Golden Globe for Best Actress and a BAFTA for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her portrayal of Thatcher in this biopic.

two On the basis of sex (2018)

This 2018 film tells the biographical story of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who has long been a symbol of women’s rights and spent her entire life defending the right of women to the same treatment and opportunity as men, including educational opportunities and wage inequality.

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The film follows Ginsberg (played by Felicity Jones) from the beginning of her legal career as one of the few and first women to attend Harvard Law School to her fight in a landmark tax case that laid the groundwork for the sex discrimination laws. The film concludes with a poignant scene of actress Jones walking up the steps of the Supreme Court and transitioning into the real-life Ginsberg finishing the walk.

1 Harriet (2019)

This biopic tells the story of Harriet Tubman, the American abolitionist who frequently risked her own life to guide slaves through the Underground Railroad to free states. On his mission, Tubman ended up saving over 70 enslaved people, and this 2019 biopic starring Cynthia Erivo chronicles the beginning of Tubman’s journey as an abolitionist until his triumphant fight in a Civil War battle at the end. The film sheds a poignant light on the struggle for freedom and, even when she was released, the ongoing battle against the systemic racism left behind by such an institution.

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