10 DC heroes who are scary when they’re crazy

DC heroes, even those with a lighthearted disposition, are intimidating forces to be reckoned with. Their powers and abilities place them at the forefront of Earth’s defenses, charged with defending humanity. With this in mind, a short-tempered superhero would pose an undeniable threat to society and perhaps to his fellow heroes as well.

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Many heroes in the DC Universe do an extraordinary job of maintaining their composure, even in the face of insurmountable adversity. However, it is always the impulsive characters that appear in the headlines of Daily planet. Start looking for some anger management classes because these DC heroes are terrifying when angry.

10 Rosabelle Mendez as the too hostile Pantha

pantha dc comics

Rosabelle Méndez, or Pantha as she is more commonly known, was an unfortunate victim of the Wildebeest Society experiments. As a result, he does not remember his past or his origins, which is a constant source of frustration and disappointment for this hero.

Pantha often chooses to isolate and distance herself from her teammates, and her frustrations usually manifest in hostility towards those closest to her. Although she is an undoubtedly important member of the Teen Titans, her anger makes it difficult to work alongside her.

9 Superman occasionally turns into a superhuman fury

Angry Superman DC Comics

In Superman’s case, sometimes superhuman strength comes with a superhuman temperament. Although widely considered a beacon of hope in the face of adversity, the Man of Steel has let his anger take hold of him on several occasions.

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Perhaps the most notable example of this occurs in the Injustice: Gods Among Us story arc, where Superman unknowingly kills his pregnant wife, Lois. Crazed, Superman goes into a murderous rage, kills the Joker, and finally attempts to establish a new world order.

8 Guy Gardner, the universally nasty hothead

Guy Gardner DC Comics

Guy Gardner, a member of the Green Lanterns, is famous for irritating most of the Justice League. Gets angry quickly and often ignores any kind of strategy in favor of going into combat. His reckless and offensive attitude even led to Batman losing his temper and knocking Gardner to the ground.

Gardner is almost always confrontational, much to the frustration of the other members of the Justice League. Countless missions have been put in jeopardy simply because Gardner was too hotheaded to follow the plans of his teammates.

7 Roy Harper gets violent and combative like Arsenal

Roy Harper Arsenal

In the comics, Roy Harper transforms from a constantly overlooked sidekick, Speedy, to the frustrated and feisty Arsenal. Often seeming to have a chip on his shoulder, Harper’s life is fraught with hardships, including a drug addiction that ultimately leads him to separate from his partner, Green Arrow.

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Later in the comics, Lilith Clay and Harper’s wife (Donna Troy) die, causing the Teen Titans to disband. Because of this, his character understandably begins to lash out at those around him. Fortunately, he finally overcomes his pain and forms a new group of heroes called the Outsiders in The brave and the brave.

6 Jim Corrigan, a former cop, becomes the murderous and vengeful specter

spectrum dc comics

Specter is another DC hero on the list whose anger is somewhat understandable and justifiable. One night, Jim Corrigan is brutally murdered on the way to his engagement party. However, his spirit is sent back to Earth.

Reincarnated as Specter, his rage and thirst for revenge are fueled by his supernatural abilities, as he searches for those responsible for his death. Because of this, Specter loses contact with his former humanity and, although categorized as a hero, he frequently demonstrates his acceptance of justified murder.

5 Aquaman, the grumpy King of Atlantis

Aquaman DC Comics

In the comics, Aquaman frequently loses his temper. Considering his strength and ability to communicate with marine life, he is not a superhero to be crossed. His brother, the traitor Ocean Master (Orm), is often the recipient of Aquaman’s wrath, and rightly so.

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In Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, the brothers go head-to-head to establish the rightful ruler of Atlantis. During the battle, Aquaman hits his brother so hard that he breaks his helmet, denying Orm’s ability to manipulate the ocean.

4 Jason Todd turns into the violent red hood after resurrecting from the Well of Lazarus

Jason Todd Little Red Riding Hood DC Comics

Jason Todd presented his iconic rendition of Red Hood in 2005 Batman: under the hood by Judd Winick and Doug Mahnke. In the story arc, it is revealed that Jason Todd, presumed dead by the Joker, was resurrected with Lazarus Pit. However, as an unfortunate side effect, Jason Todd is plunged into murderous rage.

His newfound anger, coupled with his expert training as Robin, created an undeniably menacing antihero. Unhinged and no longer bound by Batman’s strict no-kill mantra, Jason Todd, as Little Red Riding Hood, is a character Gothamites wouldn’t want to anger.

3 Batman, the dark knight with an even darker disposition

batman dc comics

Batman’s dark and brooding personality is so well established in the DC Universe which has even been parodied in other popular franchises. Having tragically lost his parents at a young age, Bruce Wayne’s obsession with revenge and justice manifests itself in his Batman character.

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Although he adheres to an unbreakable rule of not killing, Batman frequently demonstrates his tolerance for violence and torture, often driven by his anger. Fortunately, Batman has a patient and calculated approach to fighting crime, exemplified in situations where his anger would result in unbridled destruction.

two Superboy, the understandably furious clone

superboy dc comics conner

Superboy has numerous origin stories in DC lore, but his portrayal as Conner Kent in Young Justice is perhaps the most angry. In the series, Superboy is a clone created from the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor. During its creation, it has no free will, and scientists control its development and its thoughts.

Due to the experimentation he was exposed to, Superboy developed understandable anger issues. He strongly objects to being told what to do and experiences difficulties relating to his teammates. He’s also frustrated with living in Superman’s shadows, secretly wanting nothing more than the Man of Steel’s validation.

1 Damian Wayne is trained as an anger-driven assassin

Damian Wayne Robin DC Comics

Damian Wayne gets angry especially fast, even for the average teenager. Along with his mastery of combat training as heir to the League of Assassins., Damian Wayne is perhaps one of DC’s most unpredictable and dangerous heroes.

His character is often driven by extreme emotions, feeling out of place with the League of Assassins and Ra’s al Ghul, while also being in the constant shadow of his father, Bruce Wayne. His training and prowess as an assassin give Damian the incorrect assumption that he is invincible, often causing his anger to go unchecked.

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