10 low-budget zombie horror movies that are better than blockbusters (and where to stream them)

After the success of The Walking Dead, zombie media has become more prevalent than ever. However, the zombie craze didn’t start in 2011. Zombies have been walking, groaning, and eating for decades. They have become so prevalent that much of them have become commonplace.

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From the original movies of the ’60s to the resurgence in popularity of the early 2000s, zombies have proven that they are here to stay, and most of the time, the lower the budget, the better the movie.

Updated March 3, 2021 by Mark Birrell: Horror fans’ love of zombie movies will likely never die, but unfortunately running some of the best examples of the genre on streaming platforms does. Since we don’t want anyone to miss out on the best undead thrillers, dramas, and comedies available, we’ve updated this list to make sure fans can stream the aforementioned movies as long as they have a subscription to the service in question, and sometimes even if They do not do it. From comprehensive classics of the genre to more recent and underrated gems fans have never heard of, these films should be sought out before the big bravado of blockbusters.

10 Night of the Living Dead (1968) on Amazon Prime

The first film in George A. Romero’s prolific career, Night of the Living Dead it cannot be ruled out in the culture of the zombie genre. Romero was famous for using social commentary in his horror movies and the zombies were really just a conduit to dissect much more real and pervasive social problems.

There’s a reason an entire genre was built out of one man’s career. This movie was just the beginning of a franchise that still causes a sensation today.

9 Shaun of the Dead (2004) on HBO Max

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Shaun of the Dead

Edgar Wright may no longer be making low-budget movies, but, once, Shaun of the dead gave birth to the now infamous Cornetto Trilogy. An obvious nod to Dawn of the Dead, The film has many of Romero’s own qualities and commentary on life.

Shaun of the dead is hugely innovative and came at a time when it seemed like zombie movies had nothing original to offer, reinvigorating the entire genre.

8 Pet Semetary (1989) on Amazon Prime

pet seminar

The 1989 film based on Stephen King’s classic horror novel found new ways to explore the zombie genre. Pet Semetary It doesn’t revolve around escaping a zombie apocalypse, but instead focuses on the devastation of losing a child to a desperate main character who is dedicated to raising the dead with dire consequences.

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Though it was remade in 2019, the 1989 version earned Stephen King’s stamp of approval and has all the charm of a low-budget movie with all its gory savagery.

7 Cargo (2017) on Netflix

No stranger to Edgar Wright’s foray into genre films, Martin Freeman starred in another notable entry into the genre. Load It had nothing to do with satire, but rather portrayed the extremes a father would go to to save his son.

An independent Australian film released via Netflix, Load creates an unforgiving world filled with impossibly difficult decisions as, after being bitten, Martin Freeman’s character must look for someone who can take care of his daughter before he converts.

6 Maggie (2015) on Pluto TV and Tubi

Maggie Zombie Arnold Schwartzenegger

Another more subtle movie, Maggie it also deals with a father’s love for his daughter. Arnold Schwarzenegger gained fame as James Cameron’s emotionless killing machine. The terminator but his emotional work is equally remarkable.

An inverse of Load, Maggie It is about a father who accepts the fact that his daughter is sick and turns into a zombie. These emotional movies are some of the most shocking depictions of the zombie genre.

5 Cooties (2014) in Tubi

Lice is a must see as it deals with the scariest monsters, the kids and their great cast which includes Elijah Wood and Leigh Whannell. Whannell is best known for his work on the Mountain range Y Insidious franchises with longtime creative collaborator James Wan and most recently 2020 the Invisible Man. Aside from co-starring, Whannel also co-wrote the film’s script with fellow actor / writer / director Ian Brennan.

In this comedy, audiences see in real time how quickly a virus can spread and how deadly high school kids can be.

4 The Battery (2012) on Tubi and Amazon Prime

Ben and Mickey sitting in the car surrounded by zombies at The Battery 2012

A very impressive achievement for a $ 6,000 budget (and not just for a genre movie), Battery Follow two friends, who are also former baseball players, as they try to survive in the kind of empty waste of rural society that zombie fans have become so used to in the wake of The Walking Deadthe success.

Tapping into the heart of what makes zombie setup such an effective concept, the film turns a story and world much larger than it is capable of representing with your budget, only showing and telling what is absolutely necessary. , and anyone. tired of the excesses of blockbuster movies should find it quite refreshing.

3 The Cured (2017) on Hulu

Conor coming face to face with a zombie and breathing together on the street at The Cured 2017

The alluring main event of a zombie apocalypse is a trap that many low-budget filmmakers often fall into, which is why many avoid many of the large-scale problems that accompany such an idea and instead focus most of it. their efforts in the aftermath of the event. The curing is a film that takes this route and shows a contemporary Ireland recovering from a zombie epidemic that actually had a curable version of the inciting virus.

The state of marginalization of previously infected people within this fragile peace changes social norms and presents a rather unique idea for the genre: people who actually have the desire to be zombies.

two Evil Dead II (1987) at Cinemax

Evil Dead has a reputation for being a franchise where the sequel is better than the original. There was no need to see the first installment as it was reconfigured to make a far superior movie. Sam Raimi, for some reasons, had to rewrite history but it was the best thing for the franchise. It introduced a unique element of humor and an iconic cinematic hero.

The movie strictly features Deadites rather than zombies, but they were undead anyway. It was the beginning of a cult phenomenon that no one in the genre has experienced since.

1 Re-Animator (1985) in Tubi

It’s impossible to talk about iconic undead movies without considering Stuart Gordon’s. Re-animator, although the movie is certainly not for everyone. An ambitious and potentially insane student goes on a manic selfishness to reanimate dead flesh with dire consequences.

His level of camp and gore makes him an instant B-movie classic and something more memorable and influential than many of the biggest blockbusters of his decade.

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