10 saddest deaths in Naruto, ranked

There are countless reasons why Naruto It is one of the most popular anime of all time. A lovable protagonist, twisted villains, and fast-paced battles are just a few of the factors that made viewers fall in love with the show. But what set it apart from most other anime was its ability to make its characters feel human, allowing fans to form lasting emotional bonds.

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Many of the featured shinobi were so well written that they felt like real people. And just like real people, some of these characters experienced death. Heroic, selfless, and emotional, the deaths of these ninjas had a profound impact on viewers.

10 Shikaku Nara and Inoichi Yamanaka said goodbye to their children

Shikamaru and Ino’s parents, the two shinobi played an important role in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Like his son, Shikaku was a genius who was trusted to lead allied shinobi forces. Inoichi possessed a mastery of his clan’s secret techniques and used it to communicate telepathically with the allied forces. Combining their abilities, the two posed such a threat that Madara insisted on killing them, believing that their loss would be enormously detrimental to the Allied effort. Aware that his death was only minutes away, the couple left heartwarming messages for their children, advising them on how to live their best lives and reminding them how loved they are.

9 Zabuza and Haku died happily together

The first great antagonists to appear in Naruto Zabuza and Haku set the standard for what was expected of the show’s perceived villains. Although talented and ruthless shinobi, the pair possessed a level of complexity that made them attractive. Born and raised by the brutal practices of the Hidden Mist Village, the team rarely explored the bond they had built. Instead, they worked tirelessly to defeat and kill their enemies. However, after meeting Team 7, Zabuza and Haku realized that there was more to life than shedding blood. In the final moments before his death, Zabuza understood Haku’s importance.

8 Gaara’s life shortened before he could enact a change

Lady Chiyo revives Gaara Naruto Shippuden

Gaara is an important character in the Naruto universe that underwent excellent character development that saw him transform from a crazed villain into an honorable and capable Kage. However, fans mourned the Kazekage after his capture and death at the hands of Akatsuki.

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He was captured by Deidara and had his tail beats removed, resulting in his death. This was especially emotional as Gaara had just turned the page and became a caring individual who believed in Naruto. Watching him die so early had a profound impact on many fans of the show.

7 Hiruzen Sarutobi fulfilled his duty as Hokage

The third Hokage and leader of the Leaf Village at the time. Naruto It began, Hiruzen proved to be a wise and caring ninja who possessed legendary power. In fact, he was first introduced as the strongest Hokage in history. Hiruzen’s role was difficult and he often had to make difficult decisions in the best interest of the village. When Orochimaru’s plan to destroy the Hidden Blade began, Hiruzen faced the legendary Sannin, aware that this battle could prove fatal due to Hiruzen’s advanced age. This turned out to be correct, as Hiruzen sacrificed his life to ensure that Orochimaru could do nothing more to damage the village he spent so much time protecting.

6 Asuma Sarutobi left Shikamaru with an important lesson

Asuma was a skilled shinobi with a dangerous addiction to cigarettes. Throughout the show, Asuma is seen helping and nurturing her team consisting of Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino. Although it is a difficult job, Asuma brings out the best in her students with success. Also, help Naruto understand his wind transformation and help others without a second thought. Despite his ability, Asuma is killed by the Akatsuki members, Hidan and Kakuzu, who benefit from immortality. The sensei dies in Shikamaru’s arms, but not before reminding Shikamaru to protect the next generation that includes his unborn child.

5 Kakashi Hatake displayed his skills once again during Pain’s assault on the village.

Kakashi Death Pain Arc

Possibly the most beloved character in the entire series, Kakashi’s death certainly moved many viewers to tears. The shinobi prodigy fought valiantly against Pain to protect the village, despite knowing that the Akatsuki leader killed the legendary Sannin Jiraiya. But, the Sharingan master refused to go down without a fight, putting pressure on the villain and earning his recognition. Possibly the saddest moment of all was when Naruto returned to Konoha and realized that Kakashi’s chakra was missing. Informed of Kakashi’s sacrifice, Naruto was deeply shocked but was unable to cry to his master while Pain was in front of him.

4 Neji Hyuga kept his promise

Neji went through an incredible transformation similar to Gaara. Starting out as an arrogant prodigy burdened by the role of his clan, Neji learned from Naruto that he could see his destiny.

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Thanks to this revelation, Neji vowed to work hard, get stronger, and protect his loved ones. And he did exactly that. Neji became the strongest member of the legendary Hyuga clan and died protecting Hinata and Naruto, two people who taught him so much.

3 Itachi Uchiha was misunderstood

Sasuke vs. Itachi

Is there a better character arc than Itachi Uchiha? Initially, the Sharingan master appeared to be a cold, soulless, and immensely powerful shinobi who killed his clan simply because he could. What’s more, he left his brother alive and made him relive the death of his parents through genjutsu. Fans of Naruto they were waiting for the moment when Sasuke kills his brother and comes to his clan. And he took revenge. Or so he thought. But Sasuke (and fans) later found out that Itachi killed his clan to protect his village, and he was permanently scarred for his actions.

two Obito Uchiha helped save the world

The death of Jinchuriki by Obito Uchiha

A twisted villain? Manipulated antihero? Fans of the show are still undecided on how to define Obito’s legacy. However, at the end of Naruto Obito won over the audience with an act of self-sacrifice. Used as a pawn by Madara, the former blade shinobi committed countless crimes, killing without a second thought. But when presented with a chance for redemption, Obito seized it, saving Kakashi’s life and giving Team 7 a chance to save the world. After an emotional goodbye with Kakashi, Obito meets Rin once again, finding peace for the first time in a long time.

1 Jiraiya leaves the rest to Naruto

Naruto Jiraiya Death

A perverted sage, a world-famous author, and a legendary shinobi, Jiraiya was loved by all. The Sannin was a great teacher to Naruto and eventually transformed into a father figure, guiding Naruto through his complicated life while making him stronger in the process. Jiraiya was completely selfless, raising orphans, protecting Konoha from the shadows, and training Naruto despite the threat he potentially poses. Jiraiya died fighting Pain, but obtained information about the villain that contributed to Pain’s eventual defeat. In his final moments, Jiraiya reflected on his life, believing he contributed little to the world before putting his faith in Naruto, the chosen one. If it weren’t for Jiraiya the Gallant, the shinobi world might no longer exist.

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