10 Terrible Digimon with Incredible Digivolutions

Digimon contains a wide variety of digital monsters, which can Digivolve into many different things. The exciting part of watching Digimon Adventure or any other animated Digimon series is seeing each Digimon progressively grow into something stronger. There were many Digivolutions that surprised viewers, either by how good they were, how different the new forms were from the old forms, or how bad they were.

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The most rewarding Digivolutions are those in which a weak or poorly designed Digimon turns into something powerful, pretty, or cool. It meant that all Digimon had this kind of potential, but fans have to watch the show or play the games to find out exactly what that potential is.

10 DemiDevimon in Devimon

DemiDevimon with poop on his head and Devimon talking.

DemiDevimon is a minor villain in Digimon Adventure, which plays the role of a cheater since it has very little combat power. His plans to defeat the DigiDestined always fail, leading to him being severely punished by Myotismon, the Digimon he serves.

If it evolved into Devimon it would be much cooler as it changes from a round bat to a fallen angel covered in black cloth. Devimon is smarter and able to control the black gears in the anime.

9 Vademon in Ebemon

Vademon with his arm raised and Ebemon with his weapons at the ready

Vademon is very difficult to look at, due to his grotesque fleshy body, tentacles, and brain-like head. The Digimon is surprisingly strong, wielding a ray gun and massive intelligence.

However, he looks far superior to Ebemon. This Digivolution changes its aesthetics from a Mars Attacks! alien from an alien Xenomorph. Not only can Ebemon steal information from someone else’s brain, he can also fire lightning strong enough to decimate a planet.

8 Chuumon in Tyrannomon

Chuumon panics while Tyrannomon looks smug

Chuumon is one of the only Digimon willing to spend time with Sukamon, the literally fecal Digimon. The pair continually pursue Mimi romantically, and she naturally refuses. Chuumon looks like a pink rat, and he is neither strong nor brave. Tyrannomon is incredibly different from Chuumon.

With the appearance of a red dinosaur, he is not that cowardly and can even put up a good fight against Digimon like Flamedramon.

7 Togemon in Lilimon

Togemon stands next to Greymon as Lilimon shines.

Togemon is Mimi’s partner, Digimon. Togemon is a walking and talking cactus who wears boxing gloves on his hands. He usually shoots his needles or hits his opponents, but he looks a bit silly while doing it.

When it evolves into Lilimon, the Digimon fairy looks much cuter and also becomes stronger. Not only does it acquire the ability to fly, but it can also fire stronger bursts from its petals.

6 Kumbhiramon in Anubismon

Kumbhiramon and Anibismon face the viewer

While the Chuumon design is simplistic, the Kumbhiramon design is completely overloaded with too many things to take in at once. Although it looks like a rat, it has slender, bent legs like an insect, bird wings, and two metal claws on an armored body.

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Although it is considered a Digimon of the Holy Beast, there is nothing sacred about the design. It can evolve into Anubismon, who, as the name implies, looks like a jackal. It maintains the wings of their previous form, but fortunately nothing else.

5 Meteormon in Baihumon

A crowd of Meteormon and Baihumon lunged at the viewer.

Meteormon is one of the most mediocre Digimon, as it is literally just a bunch of rocks. Although he was strong enough to face the protagonists of Digimon: Data Squad, the design is completely boring to look at.

It is capable of evolving into many different things, like Baihumon. Baihumon resembles a white tiger, sports armor and spiked necklaces on his legs. It is terrifyingly strong, with a roar capable of permanently turning enemies to metal.

4 Ebidramon in Mermaimon

Ebidramon in the water and a Mermaimon trading card

If a bunch of rocks weren’t tasteless enough, Ebidramon looks like a lobster. Although it has some draconic elements in its design, they are drowned out by the shell, which is a red sea. It attacks others by creating big waves or using its big claws.

It can evolve into Mermaimon, a Digimon that looks like a cross between a mermaid and a pirate who loves to loot data instead of treasure. And, like most pirates, these Digimon keep their loot hidden from others.

3 Wormmon on Stingmon

Wormmon looks up while Stingmon looks down

Wormmon was an incredibly loyal and kind Digimon in the anime, but in terms of power and design, Wormmon doesn’t have much to offer. Its main way of attacking is to shoot silk thread from its mouth, and compared to the energy blasts and mechanical weapons of the strongest Digimon, this ability is not very impressive.

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Stingmon, however, is even stronger than the champion forms of some of DigiDestined’s Digimon, with high speed and a tough exoskeleton.

two Sunflowmon in lilamon

Sunflowmon with partially open mouth and Lilamon with one hand in the air

With a strikingly similar design to PokemonSunflora, Sunflowmon looks very haunting. With a sharp tooth protruding from its mouth to wide-set eyes, the Digimon plant doesn’t have the appeal of a common sunflower.

Like Lilamon, it becomes much more beautiful and its power does not depend as much on the sun as that of Sunflowmon. He can use a variety of energy-based attacks and use pollen to subdue an opponent.

1 Giromon in Durandamon

Giromon holding a chainsaw while Durandamon brandishes a sword

Giromon looks like a mine, with sporting horns, a chainsaw, mechanical arms, and a red mine in hand. He uses both his mines and his chainsaw to attack his opponents.

With such a simplistic design and skill set, he can surprisingly Digivolve into Durandamon, a Digimon wielding a holy sword. It has the power to transform into a sword and take down enemies in one hit. Not many Digimon are capable of withstanding one of his attacks.

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