10 times the Justice League couldn’t save the day without Aquaman

In the last decade, Aquaman has undergone a change from its role. In the age of the super friend, he was nothing more than a joke character. His powers were seen as unconvincing and nothing more than a punchline compared to his teammates. That has started to change today as they treat you with more respect.

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It will never be as popular or powerful as the trinity of power at the head of the Justice League, but it does have many moments where it shines. He has even been the one who has saved the day on more than one occasion.

10 Aquaman stabbed Darkseid in the eye with his trident

One of the best parts of the new age comics is that Aquaman is no longer treated as a joke character. The fact that he managed to stab Darkseid in the eyes with his trident, blinding him, is proof of that.

The older version of the character would never have made it and probably wouldn’t have even been in the fight since he wasn’t in the water. Geoff John immediately helped establish Aquaman as more than just an auxiliary member of the team.

9 Aquaman severed Graves’ connection to the Asuras, ending his threat.

Graves was one of the many villains featured during the DC relaunch, and like many of them, he was a flop. His motives for attacking the Justice League due to his family falling ill were mediocre at best, and his powers weren’t new.

The only positive for him is that he allowed Aquaman to shine a bit, as Aquaman was the one who helped bring down the villain, severing his connection with his Asuran masters, ending him as a threat.

8 Aquaman stopped Cheetah after he defeated Wonder Woman

After the Graves incident, there were complaints between Batman and Aquaman about who should be in charge of the League after Green Lantern’s departure. Before that could be resolved, word spread that Cheetah had finally managed to defeat her rival, Wonder Woman.

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She forced the team to go after her, where they learned of her origins and the curse that came with it. After an extensive chase, it was Aquaman who managed to stop Cheetah.

7 Aquaman stopped his half brother Orm and claimed the throne of Atlantis


Throne of Atlantis is one of the best Aquaman stories in recent memory and it really helped shape the character into what he is today. The sibling battle for the crown is a bit old, but the way the story unfolded was great.

With Atlantis poised to attack the Boston shoreline, Aquaman came face to face with Orm, at first hoping to convince him to retreat, before realizing what he had to do. He defeated Orm and regained his kingdom in the process.

6 Aquaman kept Rao’s Kryptonian forces busy long enough for them to shed

Superman Rao Krypton

Rao was a strange villain as his entire arc centered on the gods, heavily involving Wonder Woman and Superman, along with Aquaman. It was an interesting story, if not a very executed one.

The only positive is that it worked in lore with Aquaman and Poseidon, causing him to use Poseidon’s Trident again to help summon a massive tidal wave that swept away all of Rao’s Kryptonian followers, giving enough time for the earth’s sun to turn. into a red giant. .

5 Aquaman exposed NEMO and stopped the war between the surface and Atlantis

brightest day # 20 black blanket

More than any character in his rogues gallery, no one has been a bigger thorn in Arthur Curry’s side than Black Manta. He always seems to be involved in any plan that seeks to take down Aquaman, and the creation of NEMO was one of the most dire.

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He orchestrated a series of terrorist attacks, sparking a conflict between the surface and Atlantis. It was almost successful until Aquaman found out about it, prompting Manta to exploit himself and his men to cover his involvement.

4 Aquaman saved Superman and Flash from becoming sea monsters

Drowned earth it was a story that delved into the gods within the sea, weaving into the Legion of Doom alongside them. The Triumvirate of the Sea Gods helped empower the Legion, almost leading to some of the strongest in the Justice League becoming sea monsters.

Aquaman managed to save the day with the help of Wonder Woman, giving each of them protection against the powers of the God of the Sea thanks to Poseidon.

3 Aquaman sacrifices himself to stop the Kraken death

Spiraling out of the same story, Aquaman was forced to make a difficult decision. After convincing the sea gods to take the side of life, Black Manta of the Legion of Doom killed two of the three, leaving the Kraken of Death without a master.

While Aquaman managed to prevent Manta from claiming that power, the Kraken was nothing more than a wild beast, unable to avoid destroying everything in its path. Using every gram of his life force energy, Aquaman sacrificed himself to stop him.

two A ghostly form of Aquaman prevents Gamemnae from plunging the world into a drought


Whenever it comes to magic and time travel, the plots are meant to be a bit tricky. Justice League Obsidian Age is precisely that, telling the story of Gamemnae, an Atlantean witch hell-bent on taking revenge on Aquaman.

Once he had that, it was not enough, as he began to try to accumulate the water of the earth to force humanity to worship it. His plans are undone by Aquaman in the form of the water specter, who manages to take control of the waters of the world and sink Atlantis again.

1 The Justice League needs to combine their power to defeat the Apellaxians

The origins of the Justice League have been remade so many times that it is already difficult to keep track of what is or is not canon. One thing is that comics should stop trying to reinvent. Origin stories don’t always need to be reimagined, especially on film.

The original origin was when the League had to be formed to end the Appellaxian. On their own, they were unable to defeat their enemy, but when they worked as a team, they were victorious. Aquaman was a focal point in victory just as much as the other members.

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