30 HBO Coins: The Shocking Season 1 Ending, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for 30 Coins episode 8, “Sacrifice,” which is now airing on HBO.

HBO’s events 30 Currencies It finally comes to a head when Father Vergara tries to stop the Cainites once and for all. They have converged on Pedraza under the watchful eye of the sinister Angel demon, with Cardinal Santoro and the traitors in the Vatican preparing for a dark mass because they have finally acquired all of the Judas coins.

However, while Vergara makes some tough decisions that help save the day, the apocalypse still looms as season 1 draws to a close.

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Death of Father Vergara

Realizing they are outnumbered, Vergara, armed with his sacred weapons, takes refuge in the catacombs of the small Spanish town for a couple of weeks with Paco and Elena. He makes them steal the blood of Saint Ambrose from the church and uses some magic of his own, allowing him to infiltrate the ceremony using the eyes of a white dove.

However, when he begins to take out the leaders, Angel ambushes him, who is too strong for him. Santoro then stabs Vergara with one of his ritualistic knives, leaving him to bleed to death. Fortunately, the priest can touch the dove again, and just as Santoro puts the crown with all the embedded coins, the bird distracts him and Angel. This allows Vergara to rush Santoro and knock him off the balcony, which leaves them both dying.

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The big escape

30 coins

This Vergara witchcraft also helps Paco as he tries to take the poisoned Elena to a hospital. He killed the witch who attacked him and placed Elena in a car, upset that his ex-wife, Merche, came to love him. He is able to take over the two policemen who are part of the brainwashed citizens that Santoro has under his control and accelerates.

Fortunately, when Santoro fell and the coins scattered, the invisible barrier that enclosed everyone disappeared, allowing Paco to run out of the city. He can arrive at a hospital and his story concludes with him praying for Elena to be saved. However, seeing that the witch is dead, the curse she placed on the needle that Merche used to prick Elena could now be unbreakable, meaning it could be a lost cause.

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The new sinister duo

With all the cultists in a frenzy and killing each other for the coins, Merche finds one under her feet and grabs it. Cardinal Lagrange is close, but he doesn’t stop her, mostly because he admires her cunning demeanor. He tried to seduce her earlier and she rejected him, but now she’s really broken because he couldn’t kill Elena, leaving her ready to accept his hand.

They get in a car together to seal the deal, and it looks like they will become a powerful new couple. Merche has completely given herself over to darkness, and with the witch dead, the Cardinal is now ready to be her key to vengeance. Lagrange also recognizes an immense power that rises in it, so he easily forgets the other currencies and the civil war that is fought in Pedraza. You know that coins are important, but right now, Merche is the only thing that can turn the tide.

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Antonio’s new mission

At the beginning of season 1, Antonio rescued the chief of police, Laguna, when Ángel and his henchmen were torturing the policeman. However, instead of stopping for them, Paco nearly runs over the duo, leaving them at the mercy of the cult. They seem bitter after Paco’s selfish actions thinking only of Elena, but Antonio and Laguna can’t do anything about it.

Antonio also has some mysterious reason to protect Laguna, and it turns out he may be related to finding Vergara. Either the priest is not dead, or Antonio, due to his sinister connection to God or the Devil, could bring him back. Laguna has always been skeptical of Antonio, thinking that he was crazy with his supernatural visions, but at this point, he is badly damaged and has no one to trust to protect him other than him.

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Demonic angel journey

Angel is dismayed by the selfish nature of the cult and the outbreak of war that is hampering the apocalypse he planned with Satan and Santoro. Now, with Santoro apparently dead after Vergara and Pedraza’s mystical antics eating himself, he remains in the chamber Santoro fell from, sitting in front of a mirror. Surprisingly, he transforms into an Asian man and uses the mirror as a portal.

As he walks through the crowd, the audience discovers that he has gone to Times Square. He’s always hinted that he has cult members in New York, so it looks like he’s going to find new soldiers to back up the coming Reformed war. Angel seemed upset that not only had Santoro fallen, but Vergara, someone they hoped to make a dark disciple, also died. Furthermore, he cannot bear to see his Cainites doing this, so he is looking to strengthen the ranks. Angel is still seeking blood, as his ambitions to usher in the last days will never die, a promise he made years ago when he converted Santoro.

Starring Eduard Fernández, Megan Montaner, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Macarena Gómez, Pepón Nieto, and Manolo Solo, 30 Coins airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET / PT on HBO and also airs on HBO Max.

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