5 Pokémon from the Alola region we wish existed (and 5 we’re happy they didn’t)

Changing From Pokémon formula getting players to participate in activities other than gym battles was a strange idea until Pokemon Sun Y Pokemon Moon they were released. The Alola region brought something new to Pokemon fans, and while some may have their complaints with the games from this region, many enjoyed their time with them.

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Additionally, the change can spark new discussions and ideas for anyone regarding fictional and real-world topics that can make franchises feel enjoyable and attractive. To add to the talk, here are five Alola regions Pokemon that should and should not exist.

10 There should be: Rowlett, a Pokémon that can protect and care for humans

Rowlett is flying in a forest

Rowlett seemed like a fan favorite to many Pokemon fans when he debuted at the Pokemon Sun Y Pokemon Moon games that many would love for their species to exist in real life. Whether as companions or protectors, the Rowlett species has many feats at its disposal that interest many people.

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For example, Rowlett’s species are stealthy creatures and can launch devastating attacks on those full of malicious intent. As it is shown in Pokemon Sun Y Pokemon Moon, these Pokémon are also comforting companions for humans.

9 It shouldn’t exist: Wishiwashi because they can transform into a beast that makes Pokémon tremble with fear

Wishiwashi is coming out of the ocean

Wishiwashi’s fierce appearance alone can make him feel like one of the scariest monsters in anime. The Wishiwashi species can be weak and insignificant when alone, but when these Pokémon team up, they can become a threat that would scare even Gyarados.

Also, Wishiwashi’s great shark creature’s appearance is its school form, making weak water-type attacks like Water Gun appear more powerful than attacks like Hydro Pump. The Alola region classifies the Wishiwashi species as “the demon of the sea.” With a fierce appearance and immense strength, Wishiwashi is not a fish worth existing in the real world.

8 There should be: Primarina for her theatrical performances and profound attitudes

Primarina is in battle

Although some Pokémon have attractive designs and fearsome attitudes that help them gravitate towards hardcore fans, many fans who adore good-hearted creatures will gravitate more towards Primarina. Like most seal performances in real life, Primarina’s singing skills and graceful movements can entertain people for days and weeks.

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Also, Primarina’s nightly performances can seem magical and theatrical due to her water-type abilities. Even when fighting an adversary, Primarina will dramatically defeat them as they love to provide viewers with a great show and memory.

7 Shouldn’t exist: Shiinotic as they view other living organisms as enemies rather than allies

Shiinotic is smiling

Regardless of one’s taste for mushrooms or greenery, Shiinotic is a grass-type Pokémon that looks like a real-life plant and will scare people for days. Also, shiinotics love to play with humans when they venture out into the wild and can sometimes render their victims unconscious through the spores they emit.

Shiinotics love to drain the energy of their victims through their fingers to replenish themselves or their fellow Shiinotics. These cases show how this species prefers to stay close to its kind and is not a Pokémon that loves to be around living organisms, especially humans.

6 There should be: Rockruff as they are great for canine lovers and are reliable companions

Rockruff is looking at someone with a happy expression.

When looking for a pet in a shelter, pet store, or other places, many humans love to look for creatures that give them a sense of comfort and confidence. Rockruff is not only one of the best Pokémon for dog lovers, but it is also a companion that will protect its masters.

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Rockruff species have excellent senses and will reunite with their human companions if separated from them. The Rockruff species has great communication and listening skills and can become intimate with evil people who dare to mess with their human companions.

5 Shouldn’t exist: Kommo-o as they love to pick up fights with anyone in their presence

Kommo-o in fighting stance

Some may argue which are the scariest Pokémon of each type and claim that Garchomp is scarier than Kommo-o, the Kommo-o species’ personality and intense combat attitudes make them creepy creatures in the real world.

Kommo-o’s fighting-type attacks could be useful in scaring away thieves and criminals, but its attack power can lead to many accidental deaths for humanity. Kommo-o’s desire to improve his fighting prowess may seem motivating in the eyes of many humans, but his constant urge to fight could lead to harsh consequences for his kind and the owners who harbor them.

4 It should exist – comfortable as they love to do things for caring human beings and can make a home smell good

Comfey's in a building

Not only is Comfey a Pokémon that is an everyday object, but it is a creature with a caring and cuddly nature that is worth having in the real world. Comfey tends to make flower shaped rings for people who like them and you can use these flowers as a defensive measure to avoid battles.

Many people love having clean homes that smell delicious for their visitors, and Comfey can enhance that experience further thanks to its ability to emit fragrant odors. Also, Comfey oils can never go away and can even treat people with medical illnesses.

3 Shouldn’t exist: Golispod as they are large insect-like Pokémon with a will to fight

Golispod is in battle

For many people, bugs and insects are annoying and unpleasant creatures in the real world due to their disgusting appearances and habits. Golispod is a Pokémon that will be hunted to extinction in the real world due to its terrifying appearance and cruel nature.

The Golispod species can split seawater in two with its sharp claws and will not stop fighting a living organism until it feels it has won the battle. They are cunning creatures and will take advantage of any opening they can find to cause harm and damage to organisms that dare to mess with them.

two It should exist: Oricorio because it would be great to have them in clubs and they would be great dance partners

Oricorio is sniffing a flower

In today’s cultural environment, dancing is commonplace in many clubs, outings, and gatherings. Many people participate in this activity to vent or show positive emotions to convince others that they are healthy and stable. Oricorio is an intriguing bird Pokémon that will influence many to dance and is worth having in the real world.

The Oricorio species has four different appearances that emphasize their professionalism in different dance styles such as cheer-dance, salsa, hula, and Buyō. Diversity is an aspect that many people look for in companions, and having an Oricorio that best suits their dance needs seems too good to convey.

1 It should not exist: Palossand as they are carnivorous Pokémon that can play with their victims with mind control

Palossand is scared

Goblins, ghouls, and other mythical beasts are organisms humans are glad they don’t exist with due to their terrifying and creepy personalities. If these beings were real, many people would lock their homes to protect their loved ones from danger.

Palossand is not just a Pokémon that belongs in a horror movie, but it is a creature that would lead people to hide in fear. This Pokémon can mentally control humans to do its bidding, control the arena they are in, and leave the remains of its victims after consuming their flesh and soul.

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