Pokemon fans have fond memories of the fourth generation. Considering the love that the Sinnoh region has received in recent weeks regarding the Diamond pokemon Y Pokemon Pearl remakes and upcoming prequel title Pokémon Legends: Arceus, The Pokémon Company recognizes how much the Sinnoh region means to many people.

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Similarly, fans will always dream of what ifs regarding the Pokemon world regarding what would happen if Pokémon collided with anime characters from other universes or existed in the real world.

10 Should exist: Piplup because they would make great swimming buddies

Piplup is happy

Although every human being on earth has a different taste in what they like, many people gravitate towards things that cannot cause them any physical or mental harm. Piplup isn’t just a lovable Pokémon Every trainer should catch, it is a stuffed penguin Pokémon that can form lifelong bonds with humans, as shown with Dawn in the Pokemon Diamond Y Pokemon Pearl anime story.

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Not only that, but the Piplup species have excellent swimming abilities, which would be helpful for those who are drowning or need a partner they can swim with.

9 Shouldn’t exist: Drifblim due to their predatory personalities

Drifblim has appeared

Although many people love spending their time outdoors to create lasting memories with their friends and family, the outside world can be a dangerous place thanks to evil-hearted people. Drifblim is a Pokémon evil people would love to have because of their cruel and twisted habits.

Drifblim loves to hunt Pokémon and humans alike by lifting them to incredible heights in the sky without worrying about anything in the world. These Pokémon also lack control in midair, causing many living organisms to die by crashing hard against the surface of the earth. Drifblim wouldn’t be a ghost-type Pokémon every coach fears, it would be one that would send death rates skyrocketing in the real world.

8 Should exist: Shinx as they can blind enemies and defend homes

Shinx is happy

Shinx’s final stage evolution, Luxray, may be one of the best Pokémon for cat lovers, but Shinx is as noble and trustworthy as Luxray. For example, Shinx has excellent self-awareness abilities and can blind people with a bright light to immobilize them and run away from them.

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When choosing a pet for the home, many gravitate toward dogs because not only are they cute, but they can intimidate potential intruders. Shinx would break this cycle and be the creature to break the winning streak of canine adoption.

7 Shouldn’t Exist – Skuntank would be despised by many for his aggressive habits and smelly fluids

Skuntank in battle

Smelling fresh and great is a quality that many people look for in other people they want to make friends with. There are many living organisms like skunks that are creatures that people avoid due to their stinky habits. Humans hunting Skuntank to extinction in real life is not a far-fetched idea considering how they relate to skunks.

The Skuntank species produces a horrible liquid that becomes more smelly the longer this Pokémon keeps it within itself. Skuntank is aggressive in the Pokemon world and is not afraid to use its smelly liquid to cause pain in the nose or in the homeland.

6 Should exist: Buneary because they look alike and have personalities like rabbits

Buneary blushes near a bush.

When relaxing outdoors, many people love to host picnics and barbecues. During these times, people will notice that some animals run, eat, or interact with their environment. Buneary is a Pokémon that’s like a real life animal and a creature that many humans would love to see roaming the real world.

Buneary species are not carnivorous and love to receive attention from other creatures. They also love to work out and can be great for cuddling when someone is down. Buneary would be a wild creature that many people would love to see in real life for their carefree and caring personalities.

5 Shouldn’t exist: carnivine, as they love to hunt more than be nice to other creatures

Carnivine in battle

Carnivine is a vicious creature in the Pokemon world and will take advantage of anything to get the nutrients it needs on a daily basis. Even if humans love having a different variety of plants in their gardens to show off to their friends and family, Carnvine would not be a good choice.

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Carnivine loves to lure its prey by using its sweet-smelling fragrance as bait and will take a powerful bite once its victim is within range. Despite taking her time to eat and enjoy her food, Carnivine loves to harm living organisms making them too deadly to exist in the real world.

4 Should exist: Turtwig because they are reptilian companions and could be replenished through photosynthesis

Turtwig in battle

The choice of pets in a home can be intriguing, as people may have dogs, birds, or small reptiles such as turtles as pets. Many people who have reptilian pets will adore Turtwig for his turtle-like appearance and peaceful demeanor.

Turtwig is a fan favorite of trainers from the Sinnoh region, considering that they can refuel with drinking water or sunlight thanks to photosynthesis. These reasons alone show why Turtwig appears in many worshiping Grass Pokémon. fan-art and why it should exist in real life.

3 Shouldn’t exist: Abomasnow will only protect his own species and have dangerous ice abilities

Abomasnow is crazy

Abomasnow is a Pokémon that likes to be close to its kind and does not want to have anything to do with humanity in it. Pokemon world. They can create blizzards and blackouts and do so to escape harm or to commit destructive acts. In addition, these Pokémon can land threatening blows because of their immense size and large hands, which feel like hammers on impact.

There are reasons why animals such as lions, bears, tigers, and other ferocious creatures remain in secluded areas of zoos, due to their threatening nature to humans. Meeting an Abomasnow in the real world would only instill fear in humanity, making them a Pokémon many are grateful that it does not exist.

two Should exist: mantyke are great with people despite their appearance

Mantyke is swimming

“Looks can be deceiving” is a saying many people endorse, as some people may look like the part, but don’t have the attitude to fit the part. This concept can be applied to the Mantyke species in the Pokemon world because they may look like stingrays, but they are one of the most kid-friendly Pokémon ever.

Mantyke loves to swim around his species and the humans in the Pokemon world and only attack beings who wish to harm their species or the Remoraid species. These Pokémon are notably seen at swimming concerts and are easy for theater lovers to tame.

1 Shouldn’t exist: Vespiqueen will reward a few humans, but hurt many more for the smallest things

Vespiqueen in battle

House flies and ants are insects that humans do not fear the way bees, wasps, and hornets do. Being afraid of insects that tend to attack humans or creatures for the slightest reason is understandable due to the pain one feels after a bite.

In that sense, a large human-like bee capable of delivering a more deadly sting than a normal bee like Vespiqueen is something humans would not want to exist. Despite rewarding humans who tolerate his presence, Vespiqueen has no problem sending his Combee army after wandering citizens. These Pokémon will even attack with the intention of killing or dying in the attempt.

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