90 Day Boyfriend: Andrew as a Self Proclaimed Feminist and Poet on a Flyer

Kindergarten guy and 90-day fiancé, Andrew Kenton, is also a poet whose poem “A Letter to My Gender” goes against his behavior toward Amira.

Fans have criticized the way Andrew Kenton treats Amira Lollysa in 90 day fiancé Season 8, from day 1. The kindergarten guy has been criticized many times for being passive-aggressive and picky about Franco-Egyptian Amira even when she had just gotten out of jail and he was on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. The recent episode showed Andrew pressuring Amira to go to Serbia despite the fact that she had experienced a nightmare. However, a look into Andrew’s past reveals the fact that 90 day fiancé Star had once declared herself a feminist. And the fans are clearly not happy as this is the same Andrew who had called her fiancé “a fame hungry liar“While declaring that he did not need”lip fillers or filters. “

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Possibly to convince Amira that her plan for Serbia is foolproof, Andrew got an immigration attorney to speak to her in episode 12. As smiling Andrew sipped from a mug with his own face on, he got approval for the Serbian plan. by the lawyer. . With only 24 days to go until her visa expired, Amira suggested getting a new issue. “History repeats itself“Said Amira as her 90 day fiancé Her partner masterfully urged her to go ahead with the trip to Serbia. Amira could have cried that it was from Andrew “paper to reassure, “But her self-proclaimed feminist boyfriend got defensive and cut the video call telling her to come back when she did.”some kind of resolution. “

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Andrew, who got defensive when Amira called him about his failed plan for Mexico, was writing lines years ago like, “Women deserve better and we should not shackles them.”As reported by StarcasmAndrew, 33, who is also an aspiring author and poet, did a poetry reading in 2014 in Sacramento. The flyer has some details about the TLC star’s past. Andrew’s biography says that “holds a Mater [sic] degree in International Security and Conflict Resolution”Which he received while living in Europe. the 90 day fiancé cast member is “a world traveler and uses their experiences to create a thought-provoking dialogue, “And that Andrew has a”love for the spoken word, “Next to”hint of well-placed comic timing.

Andrew Kenton Feminist Poet Throwback in 90 Day Fiancé

By mentioning that at that time I was in the process of writing a “science fiction novel,“The source also provides 90 day fiancé star Andrew’s writing sample titled “A letter to my gender, ”Where he refers to himself as a feminist. Clearly, as soon as fans read Andrew’s poem, they couldn’t help but stop commenting on his troublesome behavior on 90 day fiancé. “Yes, we saw how well he secured and resolved that international conflict … he didn’t do shit“, Writes one fan while the second points out,”It is far from being a feminist! He is extremely misogynistic in the way he treats Amira.. “

Another TLC viewer notes that maybe Andrew’s title should be “Master of Gas Lighting and Dramatic CreationInstead of. With the amount of criticism Andrew receives, he also seems to be receiving strange support from his peers. 90 day fiancé cast members like Jovi Dufren. Yaza Zaya’s husband had recently called Amira a liar who just wanted to be on television. Could it be that Andrew has a way of redeeming himself that he’s saving for later? 90 day fiancé What can make people’s faith in Amira crumble? Or could Andrew finally learn to act like the feminist he claims to be and show his support for Amira even if he doesn’t give in to her whims and fantasies?

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Source: Starcasm

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