90 day boyfriend: Yara Zaya shares her views on strippers besides Jovi

90 Day Fiancé star Yara Zaya is even hotter after a recent interview. The Ukrainian shared graphic details about women from Jovi’s past.

90 day fiancé Star Yara Zaya is known for keeping it real, but this time she could have gone too far by sharing her opinion without leaking. The 25-year-old Ukrainian beauty has quickly become a fan favorite of season 8 alongside her Russian co-star Julia Trubkina. Many fans have supported Yara through her difficulties with her fiancé Jovi Dufren. However, Yara was pretty tough in her recent assessment of strippers. Her choice of language was not well received by some show viewers who find her patronizing and snobbish.

Yara’s American fiancé, Jovi, has a long history when it comes to hard partying. The Louisiana native likes to drink, party, and hang out at strip clubs. His alcoholic tendencies and his past with strippers have been red flags for Yara. However, the blonde beauty guru has chosen to stay in their relationship, especially after she found out she was pregnant. Although the couple have been shown fighting on television, they are believed to be married and have a young daughter. However, the glamorous Yara is not an overt fan of New Orleans and some of its inhabitants.

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Jovi has referred to Yara’s outspoken honesty as a characteristic of Ukrainian women. Yara once again showed her honesty during an appearance on the spin-off show Discovery + 90 days Bars All. The revealing show, which is hosted by Shaun Robinson, allowed Yara to share her thoughts on strippers, and a rewarding reposted the clip. “He’s having sex with dirty women” Yara said about Jovi’s past. “I see a lot of dirty. Like a dirty little girl standing on the street and her clothes just ripped and she’s so dirty. And she has cum all over her hair and things like that. This is how I see strippers.“When informed that her description looked more exactly like a prostitute, Yara said.”Sounds the same to me.

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren in 90 Day Fiancé 5

Although fans have liked Yara’s attitude in the past, many feel that she missed the mark with her comments. “Sperm in your hair? Yara, what are strip clubs you go to??” asked an incredulous commenter. “It reminds me of Libby’s snobbery, the only difference is that Yara says that with a smile, the underlying attitude is the same.“added another person. Many users quickly accused Yara of being condescending as well as snobbish.”Whatever Yara. He sold his personal details of his relationship to the highest bidder on television. Everything has a price. We all choose what to sell. Many would judge her too“another person wrote in disapproval.

It seems that Yara’s approval rating is dropping due to her harsh and inaccurate words. However, his business life is currently on the mend. The 25-year-old announced the opening of her online boutique Yarazaya Shop. Fans were immediately skeptical of the company as they accused Yara of selling cheap clothes at high prices. The mother was once again in trouble for openly feasting on Instagram while poking fun at the ongoing pandemic. If Yara continues her antics, she could end up becoming one of the 90 day fiancé villains of the franchise rather than one of the fan favorites.

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