90 Day Fiancé: How Tania and Syngin Celebrated Their 31st Birthday

Tania Maduro celebrated her 31st birthday with her 90-day fiancé’s husband, Syngin Colchester, with a “private” photo that shocked her Instagram fans.

The relationship was a disaster when Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester went to South Africa on 90 Day Fiancé – Happily Ever After? As fans joked, the arc of their story was just Tania and Syngin fighting in different places, sometimes sitting with their friends drinking beer, and other times, while drinking wine with their family. Many predicted that Syngin, who detested “The American dream“He wouldn’t stay with Tania for long after they got back to Connecticut. But surprise, surprise! the 90 day fiancé couple is still together in 2021, with Tania even posting “private”PDA photos with Syngin on Instagram to show his love.

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It was Tania who admitted that she had seen red flags in her relationship with Syngin previously, possibly including the moment when she claimed that he was not her soul mate in 90 day fiancé season 7. An herbal medicine practitioner Tania, 31, had met Syngin, 21, a local bartender in South Africa. Their one-night stand turned into a two-month stay for Tania, who later brought Syngin to the United States on a K-1 visa. Despite Tania being missing for 30 days out of the three months, the couple married and lived to tell their toxic story in the Happy forever? cleave. With Tania having trouble about Syngin getting drunk and out of work, their shaky relationship was on the verge of unraveling even during the Tell everyone in September 2020.

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However, things have taken a “wild“Turn to 90 day fiancé couple since then, it seems. The couple didn’t just update their Instagram family on growing up. “plant babiesTogether, but Syngin also revealed how Tania was helping him with his Green Card application. But Tania soon proved to all the naysayers about her 90 day fiancé Bad marriage by posting a nearly naked mirror selfie with Syngin explaining that “99%”From their photos together they look like this. Citing this was the reason why they didn’t post too many couple photos to IG often, Tania proved a point by sharing a similar photo, albeit with a bit more graphic detail on her 31st birthday. Take a look at the photo, posted by the 90DayFianceFanatics2 fan page:

Clearly not in the mood to let her spark fade, Tania’s selfie shows her and Syngin in their birthday outfits celebrating “31. “Tania described that she got a”rub with oil“From her husband and that they allowed themselves a little”living room naked dancing“To Rusted Root. The Colchester resident then added the song, “Back down to earthFrom the American world rock band on his Instagram story.

Still, below the PDA-filled photo of Tania and Syngin, the comments are from fans who think they are “doing too much. “One answer says:”I have to wash my eyes with chlorox, “And another question,”How about keeping some things private? TMI. “Perhaps it would be a better idea for Tania and Syngin to dive into the world of OnlyFans like their co-stars Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols have done, to share those updates, right?

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