A Dungeons & Dragons AAA open world RPG is in the works

Defense Grid developer Hidden Path Entertainment has surprised the D&D community with the news that it is developing an open-world RPG set in the series.

In a surprisingly low-key ad, a new Dungeons and Dragons The game is now known to be in development at Hidden Path Entertainment, and the studio says it will be a “AAA, third person open world fantasy RPG. “The as-yet unnamed title looks set to go into full swing in the near future on Hidden Path, which is best known for its tower defense series, Defense grid.

Although practically all video games of the RPG genre have Dungeons and Dragons mechanics and DNA, very few of them have been lucky enough to bear his iconic name and license. Some of these officers D&D series, like Baldur’s Gate Y Valley of the Frozen Wind, are based on campaign settings or known series locations. However, even less Dungeons and Dragons nickname in their titles, with the next Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance being a rare exception. Although the name of Hidden Path’s title is not yet known, the new information details that he will join a very exclusive club if the project goes through.

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Throwing a line to Twitter for a hiring call, Entertainment on Hidden Path casually revealed that he’s developing an open-world fantasy RPG “taking place within the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. “The studio is seeking key personnel, including a graphic programming leader and writer positions advertised in its racing site. This is a sudden and carefree reveal of a new title on one of the biggest names in interactive fantasy, and many were caught off guard when Hidden Path broke the news about its untitled title. D&D draft.

Although there is little to do for this newly announced RPG at present, there are some key clues as to what the game might ultimately be and what it probably isn’t. One big clue lies in the planned open world RPG structure. While Hidden Path is primarily known for PC development, it has had a few cross-platform releases over the years, as well as a few VR titles and ports under its belt. Even the recent Early Access launch of Baldur’s Gate 3 It is not a truly open world (with the world consisting of large, but disparate regions), so the processing power required to create an open world with the AAA-caliber Hidden Path promises should safely rule out virtual reality. .

If the developer finally manages to ship the type of game they are currently targeting, it would become one of the first truly open games. D&D video games, and you would probably do so on modern PC (and maybe even console) hardware. It’s likely a long time before Hidden Path is ready to share more than job descriptions, but the end product could finally be digital. Dungeons and Dragons experience that gamers have yearned for since the game first arrived in pencil and paper.

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Source: Entertainment on Hidden Path

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