Aliens: Fireteam is the right follow-up for alien isolation

It’s been seven long years, but a new Alien game is on the horizon. Aliens: Fireteam is calling in the Colonial Marines for this new cooperative shooter game.

Since the original 1979 classic, the Alien The franchise has wowed fans with its effective horror and ingrained sci-fi world. Another area where the Alien The movies that gained even more popularity was in the world of video games, where over the years, there have been many game adaptations from the world of xenomorphs. the Alien The franchise’s credible futuristic world, coupled with the threat of terror from the xenomorph species, makes it a great setting for many possible genres and concepts. However, not since the excellent 2014 release of Alien: Isolation fans have had a proper big budget release.

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However, all of that is about to change because developer Cold Iron Studios has announced the next Alien game. Aliens: Squad is a new cooperative third person shooter that leans firmly towards the Aliens side of the franchise. Like James Cameron’s iconic 1986 film Aliens the follow-up of Alien: Isolation Trade stealth terror for action, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Despite its versatility in video game settings, most Alien games have tended to lean towards the action / shooter genre. This trend makes sense, as fans have learned how satisfying it is to destroy xenomorphs as one of the iconic Colonial Marines. Aliens: Squad promises exactly that, as it leads the Colonial Marines to the forefront for a challenge that features 11 different types of xenomorphs, along with other enemies ripped from the franchise.

Cold Iron has been quietly working on Fireteam for 6 years, and it seems that the team aims not only to create a Left 4 Deadcooperative style shooter but what Alien fans can be left behind. Mechanically, Fireteam seems to be a profound experience for gamers. Established 23 years after the original. Alien trilogy, the player character is a Colonial Marine tasked with responding to distress calls from the outer colonies. Players will attack the levels in teams of three, made up of humans or AI-controlled team members. Fireteam It has five classes, including Gunner, Technician, Demolisher, Doc, and Recon, who possess special skills and equipment.

Classes are also designed with teamwork in mind, and building the best team will be vital to your success against hordes of xenomorphs. For example, the Gunner and Demolisher play a more tank role, dealing damage to enemies, while more support classes like the Technician can deploy the familiar automatic turrets that appear in the game. Aliens film to help eliminate xenomorphs with extreme biases. Additionally, each class can be customized, unlocking new abilities and weapons from a list of over 30 weapons and 70 different mods that offer unique perks for each class.

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Aliens: Squad is designed with replayability in mind, and the 4-story campaigns included at the game’s launch can be played with game modifiers called Challenge Cards that can tailor the difficulty to the player’s preferences. This system appears to be very similar to the recently announced card system for Back 4 Blood, another shooter that is inspired by Left 4 Dead.

With licensed games like Fireteam, The devil is in the details. For many fans, the simple announcement of this new shooter only reminds of the disaster that was 2013. Navy of foreign colonies, a Gearbox shooter game that received scathing reviews. Nevertheless, Aliens: Squad hopes to redeem the franchise’s place in the shooter market not only by providing an authentic experience, but by utilizing expansion Alien universe to ensure that Fireteam includes the things fans want from a Alien game. This can be seen in the trailer with the Marines donning their iconic olive green battle armor and wielding classic weapons like the M41A pulse rifle and the formidable Smartgun M56.

Cold Iron has clearly looked into the extended Alien universe to bring the xenomorph variant monsters introduced in comic book and movie races in Fireteam. Fireteam It features the type of classic warrior seen in the movies, as well as the giant Praetorians tasked with protecting the Queen, also shown in the trailer. Fireteam it even includes rogue synthetic androids created by the Weyland-Yutani corporation, a constant antagonist who will no doubt be behind the upcoming shooting campaign.

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Though Fireteam is another one Alien shooter in a long list of shooter adaptations, this does not change the fact that until Alien: Isolation, almost all the best Alien games were shooters, like Konami’s classic arcade shooter from 1990 Aliens or the legendary FPS from 1999 Alien Versus Predator. Where Isolation nailed survival horror, Fireteam seeks once again to nail the Alien shooter. The third unique person Left 4 DeadThe unique style cooperative experience is a new idea for the franchise, and it seems tailor-made to fit the Alien universe.

Although it may disappoint some fans that the next big Alien The game is another shooter and not a return to the tense stealth survival horror that it was. Alien: Isolation, Fireteam appears to be a solid shooter game that will provide not only fun co-op action for shooting game fans, but an authentic experience for shooting game fans. Alien world of franchises. Fortunately, the world won’t have to wait much longer, as Alien: Fireteam is scheduled to release this summer for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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