All Paranormal Activity Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

The Paranormal Activity franchise has had its ups and downs for years. Here are every movie in the series so far, ranked by Rotten Tomatoes scores.

The 2007 Found Pictures Horror Movie Paranormal activity it revolutionized the genre in many ways and became one of the most successful independent films ever made. It would go on to receive 5 sequels of varying success before finally billing its sixth installment as the last.

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This, as is often the case with profitable horror movie franchises, would turn out not to be true, as main studio Paramount would officially announce a long-awaited seventh film to be released for the seemingly much more appropriate era of streaming. However the Paranormal activity The series performed very well as a multiplex horror icon and even achieved Certified Fresh status on Rotten Tomatoes at one time. Here are all the movies released under the Paranormal activity banner so far, ranked by your Tomatometer score.

6 Paranormal Activity: The Phantom Dimension (2015) – 14%

Kristi in bed looking at the ghost dimension

For its final release to date, the Paranormal activity The franchise would offer more special effects and gruesome killings than ever before, but it wasn’t enough to recoup the constant losses the series had been experiencing with scores from critics, who were once quite enthusiastic about the premise and its execution, and the returns. in the box. office, which were generally very high even without taking into account the low budgets.

The phantom dimension would prove to be not only the series’ most expensive to date, but the lowest grossing as well, so it’s no mystery why the producers put the franchise on hold for a while.

5 Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) – 23%

After expanding the franchise’s myth by delving a little deeper into its story in the previous film, Paranormal activity 4 it marked the time when the series would finally modernize and start using smaller personal cameras for its footage, such as laptops and even game consoles. Unfortunately, the fatigue had started to settle in the public perception of the franchise, as reflected in its low critical rating despite retaining the directors of the previous entry, and much more highly rated.

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Paranormal activity 4 He was able to use many more locations for many more types of scenes, but this would ultimately prove to alienate his followers, who considered the simplest aspects of the franchise to be the best, not to mention the extremely complicated handling of the running story within the series. .

4 Paranormal Activity: The Marked (2014) -39%

Jesse records himself in the mirror

Veteran franchise writer Christopher Landon, who was the only credited screenwriter on the previous two films in the series, took over directing duties for the fifth film after the fourth installment’s critical and financial stumble and continued the evolution. on different types of cameras that are used to shoot more outdoors in larger urban settings.

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Sadly, this failed to put critics back on the franchise’s side and it seemed like the series had passed a point of no return in the critics’ eyes, becoming too confusing and complicated to fit in with its simple structure.

3 Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) – 58%

The first sequel to the series got off to a somewhat rocky start. Though still a financial success, critics were far less enthusiastic compared to the previous installment despite a much broader scope than the original and the actual beginnings of a running narrative that would expand into smaller details from the first film. and it would last for the rest of the movie. franchise.

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Focusing on the sister of the main character from the original film and her own family, Paranormal Activity 2 got a bigger house, bigger scares, and many more cameras, but began to show the first signs of chronic problems that plague all horror movie franchises sooner or later. Certain aspects felt so stereotyped that it would become the first in the series to be deemed worthy of parody by Scary Movie franchise, and the parts that were lampooned felt like home.

two Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) – 66%

The series decided to turn things around a bit for its third installment and it worked a lot in the franchise’s favor, resulting in its second-highest critical rating and highest box office yet.

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Directed by modern documentary style icons Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, who were in the public eye due to the great success of their feature documentary film. Catfish (which would become his own hit series), Paranormal Activity 3 is a prequel set in the ’80s about a segment from the bizarre childhoods of two of the key characters from the franchise’s overall myth, and the camera’s retro styling certainly helps create an extra layer of atmosphere that critics and critics alike fans responded well.

1 Paranormal Activity (2007) – 83%

Final possession scene in Oren Peli's Paranormal Activity

The original film is, by a considerable margin, the series’ most appreciated by critics and fans alike. Not only did the first installment have the benefit of looking like a much newer concept than any of the sequels, retaining much of the basic formula no matter how much they deviated from the previous film, but it also kept things much simpler.

The movie never has a scene with more than three actors at any one time and only uses one location. In terms of low-budget filmmaking technique, it accomplished something that many before had tried and failed miserably. Through the simple application of a single camera setup with minimal actors and a bit of visual and effects magic in a suburban home, a box office record was achieved.

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Jesse in Paranormal Activity 5 and Kristi in Paranormal Activity 3

All Paranormal Activity Movies, Rated By IMDb

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