Avatar fans notice an uncanny similarity between the Amazon app and Airbender Aang

In a bizarre case of Avatar: The Last Airbender appearing in current events, fans have noticed that Amazon’s new app design looks like Aang.

Avatar, the last airbender Fans have noticed an uncanny similarity between Amazon’s new app design and Aang. As the last titular airbender, Aang is AvatarHe is the main character and one of his most beloved characters. The series follows his journey from waking up on an iceberg after a hundred years to finding his destiny and bringing peace to his war-torn world. Aang’s bow, made even more poignant because he’s a 12-year-old boy, is one of the highlights of Avatar, and although the sequel series The Legend of Korra focuses on his successor as Avatar, thankfully he still has a presence.

Avatar has received renewed attention over the past year thanks to the show’s debut on Netflix, which sparked a new wave of visits from fans new and old. Netflix is ​​still working on its own live action Avatar series and, just last week, Nickelodeon announced the creation of Avatar Studios, a company aimed at telling original stories of the greats Avatar universe. Your first project will be an animated Avatar film, although the plot is still unknown.

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Soon, Avatar it’s alive in so many ways, even in places fans could least expect. As pointed out by those like And djarin Y flipboitamidles, Amazon’s mobile app now bears a striking resemblance to Aang. Amazon’s trademark arrow already looks a bit like a smile, but the key detail here is the new blue shape at the top, which is meant to look like packing tape. Avatar Fans know that airbending benders earn blue arrow tattoos, and part of Aang is proudly displayed on his head. As a result, the Amazon app now looks like Aang. See for yourself below.

It’s certainly a fun coincidence, and Amazon likely hasn’t seen one coming. Still, it can be said that it is actually an honor for Amazon to be compared to Aang in such a way. If the past year has revealed anything, it’s that people still have great affection for the young airbender (even if the debates continue to rage as to whether he or Korra is the superior Avatar). There are worse things for your app to look like. For example, it could have looked like Ozai.

With numerous Avatar projects on the horizon, one wonders if Aang could really get some new stories. Netflix’s live-action series is expected to tell its Last Airbender I tell one more time, but it remains to be seen if Avatar Studios will revisit the character. You could say that much of its story has already been told, although there is still that gap between the end of Avatar and the birth of Korra that could turn heads. Fans will just have to wait and see what the future holds for Aang.

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Source: flipboitamidles, And djarin/Twitter

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