Batman ends his friendship with Superman to protect the Man of Steel

In DC’s Future State, Batman is willing to end his friendship with Superman if it means he will be safe from the Magistrate’s threat.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Batman / Superman # 2

Like DC Comics’ Future state comes to an end, so does the friendship of bat Man Y Superman. In the second issue of Future state: Batman / Superman, the Magistrate has occupied Gotham and yet they have already become too dangerous for the Man of Steel. Because Batman becomes acutely aware of this fact before Superman truly understands the danger the organization poses, a conflict is created between the two heroes. Ultimately, this leads Batman to completely end his association with Superman.

In Future State: Batman / Superman # 2 From writer Gene Luen Yang, cartoonist Ben Oliver, and inker Stephen Segovia, Batman is trying to find Superman, one of his only true friends and strongest allies outside of the Bat-Family. The Man of Steel had been taken hostage in the previous issue, due to his trusting nature. As a result, Superman was stabbed with a kryptonite knife and brought to Professor Pyg. The gruesome medic is revealed to be an agent of the Magistrate, and Batman soon discovers that the organization has managed to weaponize Superman’s DNA as a result, replicating his eyes (with super sight and laser vision) and inserting them into the city’s vermin. . thus creating disturbing biological surveillance drones.

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Additionally, Batman also discovers that the Magistrate has figured out how to synthesize kryptonite, Superman’s main weakness. As soon as Superman manages to free himself from the Magistrate’s captivity and the two heroes become clear, Batman reveals to Superman everything he has learned, which he uses to conclude that the Man of Steel has become a great responsibility in the future. Despite Superman’s desire to continue helping bring down the Magistrate and for them to continue working together as they always have, Batman refuses and effectively ends their partnership.


Naturally, Superman is quite frustrated by Batman’s apparent lack of confidence that Clark could handle himself. However, he tells the Dark Knight that he knows Batman can handle the Magistrate on his own, trusting that you will make the right decisions. What Superman doesn’t know is the deepest reason Batman refuses his help: Batman wants Clark to live, sees danger as too great a risk, and doesn’t want to lose him.

Thanks to Batman’s internal dialogue, readers can see that Batman was significantly concerned not only about the future of Gotham, but also about the danger the Magistrate poses to Superman. As such, the Dark Knight believed that the only way to protect one of his best friends and avoid being killed was to end their friendship entirely. While it’s a pretty drastic choice (it’s not like Superman hasn’t faced the kryptonite threat before), it seems like the combined risk that would come to Gotham if Superman stayed and helped Batman make a decision. Despite the sad fact that World’s Finest ends in DC Future state, at least it came from Batman well-intentioned wish to keep your friend Superman safe.

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