Batman: Future State ends without answering the biggest questions

Bruce Wayne’s time as the future dark detective ends with a bang, but at the same time he leaves several questions unanswered.

Warning! Spoilers below for Batman: Dark Detective # 4.

Like dc Future state The event comes to an end, so does the mission of the Dark Detective, the new person Bruce Wayne takes on in the future after the assassination attempt of bat Man at the hands of the Magistrate, the oppressive regime that has taken over Gotham City. The dark detective had been taking great strides to uncover the organization’s illicit activities in Future state: dark detective, and the final issue sees the former Batman finally ready to strike. However, there are still some important unanswered questions on the final page of the miniseries.

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In Future state: dark detective From writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Dan Mora, Bruce Wayne managed to discover how much Gotham has been secretly guarded, with virtually no privacy under the Magistrate’s new order thanks to his legions of hooded drones constantly hovering over the city. Not only that, but the Magistrate has also been dispatching his elite peacekeepers to assassinate any of Gotham’s rich and powerful who could potentially pose a threat to his control over the city. Furthermore, if any of their undercover operations attract public attention, they blame the vigilantes who have all become fugitives for their “justice.”

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Now, Future State: Dark Detective No. 4 sees Bruce Wayne finally ready to take down the Magistrate for good, working with a programmer who operates inside the Magistrate and who wants to stop them as much as the Dark Detective does. Combined with this information that is ready to be released to the media and exposed to the Magistrate, the Dark Detective infiltrates his headquarters and plants a bomb to blow the entire facility to pieces. However, PK-01 also has a rematch with Bruce Wayne after failing to kill him in the past. However, the problem surprisingly ends with the building exploding with the former Batman and PK-01 presumably still inside, leaving quite a few unanswered questions that perhaps should have been addressed before the series’ conclusion.


Some of these questions relate to the details surrounding Batman’s death. While the issues above revealed how Bruce Wayne was able to fake his death, he didn’t know how the Magistrate knew he was Batman in the first place. While it could be assumed that it was due to its extensive surveillance capabilities, this has not been confirmed one way or another. Similarly, it is also unclear if Batman survived this explosion, or if the Magistrate is truly defeated in Gotham afterward. Additionally, the series also made a point to reveal that Peacekeeper 01’s desire to kill Batman came from a deeper place, rather than being his follow-up protocol when it came to vigilantes. However, this personal revenge was never fully explained.

Hopefully, upcoming DC series like Future state: Gotham or the return to the present with James Tynion IV in progress bat Man The series could provide a bit more clarity. Even so, the lack of answers like Future state comes to an end also somehow creates a lack of fulfillment, which some may find disappointing in an incredibly engaging and dynamic DC Comics series.

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