Batman: Infinite Frontier teases the return of a fan-favorite Gotham team

Infinite Frontier # 0 serves as a new beginning for the DC Universe, and a story previews the return of a fan-favorite team of Gotham’s superheroes.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the “Batman” chapter of Infinite border # 0, by James Tynion IV, Jorge JimĂ©nez, Tomeu Morey and Troy Peteri of ALW, out now.

Infinite border The # 0 serves as a new starting point for the DC Universe. Following the cosmic events of Dark Nights: Death Metal and the possible future glimpsed in Future State, the DC Universe is starting over with a fixed timeline and inclusive continuity. Now, superheroes are heading for a new beginning filled with new characters, new mysteries and new threats, from the enigmatic heroic acts of Black Adam to Earth Omega.

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In Gotham City, Infinite border It begins with an attack on Arkham Asylum that leaves very few people alive. Given the Laughing Gas involved, the Joker appears to be responsible, but the mystery could be more complicated than that. Fortunately, the heroes of Gotham are back in action. Barbara Gordon, who has once again regained the mantle of Oracle, is the first to return to the attack. And while Batman is the one who jumps to the case, Infinite border hints at the return of a Gotham City fan-favorite superhero team – the Birds of Prey.

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Birds of Prey is a team of female superheroes from Gotham City that debuted in 1996. Although the team roster has gone through many iterations over the years, Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress are essentially the three fundamental pillars of Birds of Prey. . Outside of the DCEU, the team last appeared together in 2018, at the Batgirl and the birds of prey series that was published under the banner of DC Rebirth.

Now, three years later, DC is undergoing another big relaunch, and it looks like Birds of Prey is set to make a comeback in Infinite border.

At the 2020 “Joker War” event, Barbara Gordon stopped operating as Batgirl and dusted off her Oracle persona to help the entire Bat-Family deal with the crisis in Gotham City. Now the attack is over and Gotham is in the process of rebuilding. But in Infinite border # 0, we found Barbara in her Watchtower and there, and she still operates as Oracle, overseeing the heroic antics of Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain’s Batgirls.

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Infinite Frontier Birds of Prey

In The Watchtower, Barbara is accompanied by Huntress, and she tells her that she intends to focus on being Oracle for the foreseeable future. She will still be Batgirl, but these events will be more rare. And it is during this conversation that Huntress hints at the reunification of Birds of Prey.

“You know, this reminds me of something,” he muses. “I can’t name it … Maybe I’ll call Dinah and see if she can jog my memory. Something about Birds.”

Barbara quickly dismisses her with a distracted “Yes, yes” before changing the subject, but the joke doesn’t seem to be there by accident. The mention of Dinah Lance, especially combined with the fact that Black Canary appears later in Infinite border # 0, indicates that the three superheroines could reunite soon.

If that happens, we’ll finally have a Birds of Prey reunion dating back to a time before the 2011 New 52 relaunch, with Oracle at the helm and Huntress and Black Canary completing the team’s ranks. And given Barbara’s close connection to Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the team’s roster expand to include the two Batgirls.

While there is no confirmation on his future, Infinite border # 0 may have planted the seed for the long-awaited return of Birds of Prey.

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