Batman: The Dark Knight Has A Sleek New Batmobile, And It Could Be The Last

In James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez’s Batman # 106, Batman’s return to basics continues with the debut of a new Batmobile that is more of a car than a tank.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for bat Man # 106, by James Tynion IV, Jorge Jiménez, Tomeu Morey and Clayton Cowles, out now.

Following the conclusion of the “Joker War” of 2020, Batman changed everything about his crusade. Now that the Wayne family fortune is in the hands of Lucius Fox, Bruce doesn’t have unlimited money to finance his superhero persona. Also, with Alfred missing, Bruce moved from his mansion to a Brownstone in Gotham. Now Batman operates from within the city and no longer has access to an unlimited supply of suits, weapons, gadgets, and vehicles. In fact, without Alfred, he has to repair everything he breaks.

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Now, after a two-month hiatus from DC’s Future State, bat Man # 106 finally shows the next phase in the Dark Knight’s mission to save Gotham. As he rushes to take to the streets to face a new threat, the superhero debuts an all-new Batmobile that perfectly reflects this new beginning.

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Batman Batmobile Infinite Frontier

Before the start of the “Joker War”, Batman introduced several new gadgets and weapons including the Nightclimber, a vehicle that could transform into a crime-fighting robot, and the Echo, a device that could turn any randomly built car into starting from components. made by Wayne Enterprises in a Batmobile. But now Bruce no longer has access to any of that. As he continues his crusade in Gotham City, Batman launches into battle with yet another new Batmobile.

In recent years, Batman’s vehicles have been likened to tanks. After all, while Caped Crusader’s Batmobiles were incredibly fast, they were also heavily armored and equipped with many weapons that allowed them to deliver a massive hit. But now that Bruce’s mission is back to basics, his new Batmobile is something different. This new Batmobile is less of a tank and more of a car.

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Batman Batmobile Infinite Frontier 1

Batman’s new vehicle has all the recognizable traits of a Batmobile, but it’s also smaller, less armored, and much sleeker. It appears to be a simple sports car that was modified to become a new crime-fighting car. His bat wings are more discreet, as is the bat logo on his hood. Bruce has rigged the engine to make it faster and more powerful, but it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of previous Batmobiles. For example, this new vehicle does not have a collision avoidance system, which means that you need to be more careful when driving it.

Batman’s new Batmobile may have a sleek and shiny new look, but it still has echoes of the past. Going back to a model that’s more of a car, it goes back to Bruce’s original Batmobiles, as well as the Batmobile from the bat Man Live-action series from ’66. It’s a throwback to the past that also serves as a bold new beginning for DC’s Infinite Frontier era.

This is Batman’s Batmobile for the foreseeable future, and there will be no changes. If you destroy it, it will not be easy to replace it. Unfortunately, you have to be very careful with that. Otherwise, the Dark Knight could find himself without a Batmobile.

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