#BatmanAMovie brings us the best Batman movies we’ll never see

A viral trend on Twitter has fans coming up with amazing new movie ideas simply by exchanging a word in a movie title with ‘Batman’.

A viral thread on Twitter has fans creating incredible movie ideas based simply on the concept of exchanging a word in the name of a famous movie with “Batman.”

#BatmanAMovie It started to be trending overnight during a Twitter conversation between comic book writers Sean McKeever and Kurt Busiek. McKeever indicated, “Instead of calling it THE BATMAN, what about A BATMAN,” presumably noting how many Batmen movies we’ve had over the years? Busiek responded to that with,

Me batman



When McKeever answered, “A BATMAN WITH A VIEW”, Busiek put the hashtag #BatmanAMovie and the fans left!

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Some of the most popular include The Princess Batman, which compares The Dread Pirate Roberts’ love of wearing masks to Batman’s famous hood …

The comic book store, Otherworldly Things, tweeted My neighbor totoro as now My Neighbor Batman, using an excellent piece of art by Chris Thornley (aka Raid71).

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The Batman television series was a particularly popular source of material for ideas, such as the episode in which Batman sails as inspiration for Point Batman …

Or Batman’s working relationship with Chief O’Hara inspiring An Officer and a Batman …

Or Batman and Robin just wonder, Dude, Where’s my Batmobile?

The work of Michael Keaton, the famous star of the first Tim Burton bat Man movie in 1989, it also lent itself well to these hashtags, as an enterprising fan flocked to Keaton’s hit performance in 1983. Mr mom (and specifically the scene where Keaton’s character operates a chainsaw) to go after Batmom, wondering “Where does he get those wonderful toys from?”

Naturally, as the founder of the hashtag, Eisner award winner Busiek had more than his fair share of ideas for possible new Batman movies, as he filled people’s feeds with some really deep cuts, like a reference to the comic western from James Gardner from 1969. paste, Support your local sheriff

or the 1951 romantic comedy, I can get it for you wholesale (which was renamed Only the Best when it aired on television in 1962 following the release of a stage musical of the same name that was both Elliot Gould’s first leading role on Broadway and the Broadway debut of his future wife, Barbra Streisand) he turned “I can get Batman for you wholesale.”

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