Behind Your Eyes: Astral Projection Rules, Explained

The Behind Her Eyes Astral Projection Plot Device features a set of rules that the show doesn’t fully define and that may need some explanation.

From Netflix Behind your eyes The limited series is a fantastic paranormal romance whose main plot device, astral projection, follows an indeterminate set of rules – this is how it works. This psychological thriller stars Simona Brown as Louise, Eve Hewson as Adele, and Robert Aramayo as Rob. Each of these characters uses astral projection to varying degrees and for various purposes, although in Rob’s case, those purposes are nefarious. Through intense representations of characters, as well as the use of astral projection itself, Behind your eyes offers a constant taut sense of suspense throughout its 6 episodes, leading to a surprise twist. However, despite the series’ reliance on astral projection as a plot device and its eventual involvement in Behind your eyesFinal twist, the rules of astral projection are not as clear as they can be.

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In Behind your eyes, astral projection is a secret and paranormal tool used by a unique set of characters to achieve their specific goals. In real life, there are many versions of astral projection, although most involve the idea of ​​some kind of soul or spirit that exists within the human body and that contains the essence of that person. As Behind your eyes not specifically tied to any particular version of real life astral projection, the version of astral projection you employ can be seen as an unencumbered conglomerate of any combination of the various real life versions. Even though the true origins of astral projection Behind your eyesThe use of characters is never revealed, the show actually provides at least a partial description of its unique version of astral projection.

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In real life, astral projection (also known as astral travel) is less of a phenomenon than an esoteric concept involving so-called “intentional out-of-body experiences.” For the most part, the rules of astral projection in Behind your eyes they are very similar to the rules of astral projection in real life, especially in regards to the mind / body duality of being. However, while astral projection is almost definitely superstition in real life, it is definitely not superstition in real life. Behind your eyes. In real life, astral projection has very little scientific basis and is often compared to the more realistic phenomenon of “lucid dreaming.” Lucid dreaming is a way of maintaining consciousness while in a dream state that can give the impression of experiencing what is commonly understood as astral projection. In Behind your eyesAstral projection is definitely different from lucid dreaming, as Louise has the ability to do both.

How to use astral projection behind your eyes

In Behind your eyes, Astral projection is used as a plot device more than anything. The power of astral projection drives the characters to do what they do in the story. In some ways, he’s even a character unto himself, slowly developing throughout the episode arc. Astral projection in Behind your eyes It is used exclusively by three characters: Adele, Rob, and Louise. They each use astral projection in their own way, revealing the rules as they go along: Adele uses astral projection as a way to escape her tragic life, similar to how she uses drugs. She teaches it to Rob, who eventually learns how to use it against her.

Rob uses astral projection to literally escape his tragic life as a desperate and impoverished drug addict. He uses it to commit crimes, including murder, in order to steal Adele’s body and thus her life and her lover, both of whom she has always secretly coveted. Rob, disguised as Adele, teaches Louise how to astral projection in his plan to keep her away from Adele’s husband, David. Rob then uses astral projection to steal Louise’s body, just as he did with Adele; Louise, who already has a talent for lucid dreaming, first tries to use astral projection as a way to ease her nightmares. She later uses it to help Adele, who she doesn’t realize is actually Rob.

Behind your eyes: astral projection rules

Behind your eyes Netflix 2021

In Behind your eyesThrough the specific use of astral projection of each character, the rules of the phenomenon are slowly revealed in each episode. The six main rules are: one, the mind and the body are different forms, which can operate independently; two, there is more than one plane of existence, including the purgatory-like astral plane where the astral form can travel; three, the astral form can only travel to places that it has seen in corporeal form; four, the astral form can move from one body to another when the objective body is empty; five, the astral form can spy on the actions of bodily persons; Six, astral projection can be learned and practiced by singing and playing a pattern with the fingers.

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The limitations of astral projection in Behind your eyes It has yet to be clearly defined, but it is clearly a powerful tool, one that many on the show would likely kill to possess. A second season would potentially clear up these lingering quirks, as well as questions like “Is Louise really dead?? “Although it appears that Rob killed Louise and Adele, it is quite possible that they were capable of astral travel even in their drugged states. There is no precedent in Behind your eyes that proves that they could have, but there is also no evidence to rule it out entirely. That said, although Adele’s body is undoubtedly lost, Louise could regain her own body if she could escape Adele’s body before she died.

Astral projection behind your eyes versus real life

As mentioned above, astral projection in real life is more of an idea than a verifiable phenomenon. And although some form of astral projection is found in various cultures throughout history, it is most likely the result of deep meditative states or lucid dreaming. Despite the importance of astral projection in Behind your eyes, never unfolds, and direct comparisons to real-life astral projection cases are weak at best, perhaps the clearest evidence that the phenomenon is simply a plot device on the show, and not it is intended to convey any meaning about their realities.

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