Bleach: 10 Naruto Characters Ichigo Can Beat

Bleach tells the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, the surrogate Soul Reaper who is ready to save the day with the power of Zangetsu and his inner Hollow. Such powers have allowed him to triumph over the strongest foes, from Captain Byakuya Kuchiki to Grimmjow Jaegerjaques to King Yhach himself, but is Ichigo ready to challenge any ninja?

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the Naruto The franchise trades Soul Reapers for cunning and cunning ninja agents who set traps and deceive the enemy to claim victory. Some ninjas rely on illusions, while others use powerful ninjutsu or good old-fashioned taijutsu, or martial arts. Ichigo is ready to challenge them all, and there are ten ninjas in particular that he could definitely defeat in a proper duel.

10 Kiba Inuzuka, the canine warrior

Kiba Inuzuka from Naruto

After one point, many Naruto Fans began to view Kiba Inuzuka as a symbolic taijutsu fighter at best, realizing that his few glory days were far behind. Still, he is not totally defenseless. Kiba can use beast mimicry to fight like a ferocious dog, and his canine friend Akamaru is always by his side.

Kiba can perform the Fang over Fang technique and sense his opponents from afar with his chakra-enhanced nose. However, melee characters like Kiba are fighting Ichigo on Ichigo’s own terms, which means certain defeat.

9 Rock Lee, the taijutsu specialist

Rock Lee with his war face

In theory, Rock Lee, the martial artist, might have the strength to knock down Ichigo, especially with his inner doors. The problem is that despite Rock Lee’s speed, Ichigo is still faster even if he doesn’t put on his Hollow mask.

Rock Lee can survive for a minute or two against Ichigo if he takes the weights off his legs, but Ichigo’s black sword will stab Rock Lee’s heart or cut off his head before the inner doors can enter the scene. Rock Lee can handle punches, but not swords.

8 Jirobo, the muscular ninja of sound

Naruto Jirobo

Ichigo would have it easy against the melee oriented characters of Naruto as these ninjas don’t make great use of illusions or unique jutsu that can trip Ichigo. Jirobo from Sound Four is another melee specialist who doesn’t stand a chance.

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Jirobo once fought Choji Akamichi, displaying the true power of his cursed seal and exerting a shocking force against his opponent. Ichigo can easily surpass Jirobo, cursed seal or not.

7 Zabuza Momochi, the Assassin of the Mist


Zabuza Momochi is a swordsman, just like Ichigo, and his sword is famous for being large and fast for his size. However, Zabuza does not usually participate in sword duels. As a ninja, I’d rather wrap the battlefield in a fog jutsu than move around unseen.

Ichigo can’t clear the fog easily, but he won’t have to. His instincts and speed will get him through Zabuza’s worst assassination moves and block Zabuza’s sword halfway to the target. If the battle turns into a sword duel, Ichigo will use his advantage and win.

6 Sasori of the Red Sand

Sasori akatsuki

Sasori of the red sand may not be a specialist in taijutsu, but since he doesn’t use illusions or forbidden jutsu in battle, Ichigo can handle it. Sasori is the puppeteer for the Akatsuki organization, who uses long chakra strings to control nearly 300 wooden chicks in battle, including the body of an ancient Kazekage.

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These combo puppets can overwhelm most enemies with their combo weapons, but Sasori isn’t ready for the power of the bankai and Ichigo’s Hollow mask. Ichigo will fight his way through Sasori’s puppet army, then vaporize Sasori himself with a black Getsuga Tensho.

5 Sakura Haruno, the medical ninja

Sakura Haruno had come a long way from her early days when she envied Naruto and Sasuke’s skillful jutsu and teamwork. She is a melee specialist and a healer, which means she can outlive many enemies in close combat. She also has very advanced chakra control.

Sakura can open a crater in the ground with the force of her blows, but that won’t matter in the face of the vastly superior speed of Ichigo’s bankai mode. Worse still, Sakura’s healing jutsu will be too late to help her defeat him.

4 Hinata Hyuga, the all-seeing ninja

Dazzling Hinata ready to attack Naruto

Against many other ninjas, the Byakugan is very effective as it can see in a 360 degree area around the user and see their chakra points. With these eyes, combined with chakra-enhanced taijutsu strikes, Hinata can pulverize the opponent’s organs without even breaking their skin.

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However, seeing an opponent’s movements is not the same as having enough speed to react to them. Hinata can see Ichigo approaching from any direction, but her taijutsu lacks the speed to challenge Ichigo’s Hollow mask and bankai.

3 Sai, the illustrator ninja

Sai, a member of the Root organization, took Sasuke Uchiha’s place in Team 7 early. Naruto shippuden. Instead of a Sharingan eye and fireball jutsu, Sai can draw on scrolls with ink and brushes and create 3-D animals that serve his will. He’s kind of a summoner, without even using the kuchiyose summoning itself.

Sai is a tricky and flexible opponent, but none of his ink animals can stand up to Ichigo’s Getsuga Tensho, and Sai is a bit awkward as a duelist anyway. He will be helpless when Ichigo approaches with a brisk step and defeats him.

two Ino Yamanaka, the pride of her clan

Ino Yamanaka is a remarkable kunoichi, with many talents that make her an effective teammate and supportive ninja. He can perform his clan’s mind transfer jutsu, and he can also sense other people’s chakra and even probe their minds. She also has some healing abilities.

Ino is not to be underestimated, but unfortunately, her taijutsu skills are a far cry from Ichigo’s. If Ino could possess Ichigo’s mind, he might gain the upper hand, but Ichigo’s speed will keep him safe from Ino’s jutsu.

1 Temari, the master of the wind

temari serious face of naruto

The Land of Wind produces some of the most talented wind jutsu users in the world, and Gaara of the Sand’s older sister Temari is at the top of her game. He has a sharp and flexible mind to match his powerful wind-based jutsu, and he can cut his enemies to pieces from afar. Temari’s movements are also exact.

Ichigo would definitely have to take Temari seriously and put on his mask to gain enough speed to avoid Temari’s many wind blades. A black Getsuga Tensho can blow up the wind blades, and then a direct melee attack up close will end the duel.

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