The star of Bleach It is none other than Ichigo Kurosaki, a classic shonen protagonist who is ready to fight all who come. Ichigo was a seemingly normal high school student at first until the day came when the Reaper of Souls Rukia Kuchiki granted him her powers and threw him into her world of swords and monsters. A lot has changed since then.

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For the most part, Ichigo is the same tough and cool antihero he always was, but Ichigo is open to some change, and has since gained a greater appreciation for the people around him and, indeed, for his own powers. By the end of the Bleach manga, Ichigo is a new man, but not everything is different. How has Ichigo evolved as a character and how not?

10 HOW ICHIGO CHANGED: His relationship with his father, Isshin Kurosaki

Ichigo and his father Isshin butted heads in all kinds of silly ways in the early days of Bleach, with Ichigo being a rebellious and grumpy son and Isshin being a factory of classic “dad jokes”. However, in time, father and son would grow much closer.

Isshin eventually revealed himself to be a Soul Reaper, and trained Ichigo to learn the final Getsuga Tensho to take on Sosuke Aizen himself. Ichigo and his father were more alike than Ichigo thought, and he had a new respect for his old man.

9 HOW ICHIGO DID NOT CHANGE: His loyalty to all his friends

Ichigo’s name can be read as “a defender” and he takes it very seriously. Ichigo is always ready to defend his friends, no matter how big and scary the antagonist may be, and his friends know that Ichigo is a 100% trustworthy teammate.

Ichigo isn’t the warmest hero, but everyone can count on him to rush to his defense and risk their lives for him. Ichigo will even challenge Ulquiorra Schiffer for Orihime Inoue’s sake, even when he’s greatly outmatched.

8 HOW ICHIGO CHANGED: His Relationship with the Kuchikis

Bleach Ichigo And Rukia Goodbye

Ichigo Soul Reaper’s first ally, Rukia, was more loyal to Soul Society than Ichigo, but that changed over time. Rukia never forgot her duty, but Ichigo impressed her. And more importantly, Ichigo also had a great impact on Byakuya Kuchiki.

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Ichigo was Byakuya’s worst enemy for a time, and vice versa, but after the Soul Society arc ended, Byakuya became a friend, and Ichigo accepted Rukia and Byakuya as his most trusted allies in the Soul Society. Souls It is good to have Kuchikis as friends rather than enemies.

7 HOW ICHIGO DIDN’T CHANGE: His punkish streak

Bleach Ichigo

Ichigo is in the same league as Monkey D. Luffy, Son Goku, and Naruto Uzumaki in the shonen world. Unlike those three, Ichigo is a punk antihero who is not known for his warm personality or charisma. In a different life, he could have been a bully or an antagonist, indeed.

Ichigo is not Really a bully, but he’s grumpy and his aloof demeanor sets him apart from many other shonen protagonists. Ichigo will even kick other punks unapologetically if they get mad at him or his friends, like that time Ichigo saved Yasutora “Chad” Sado from some bullies.

6 HOW ICHIGO CHANGED: His particular powers and abilities

Ichigo prepares to fight

At the beginning of Bleach, Ichigo could only turn around a generic, nameless zanpakuto in battle, which really limited his options. Then his zanpakuto broke and he trained with Kisuke Urahara to win Zangetsu. And he hadn’t finished gaining new powers yet.

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Ichigo also learned to perform the Getsuga Tensho, a ranged attack that can also be wrapped around Zangetsu’s sword. What if that they weren’t enough, Ichigo also learned to master his Hollow mask with the help of the Visoreds. Finally, he performed an instance of Blut Vene when Yhwach, King Quincy, tried to stab him.

5 HOW ICHIGO DIDN’T CHANGE: Ichigo’s preference for fighting on instinct

Ichigo is far from being a sloppy swordsman, but, again, he never attended Soul Reaper academy to learn time-tested combat forms and move sets (unlike Byakuya, for example). Ichigo trained hard with Urahara to learn the basics, improve his speed and reflexes, and little else.

Ichigo will use any creative or opportunistic moves in battle, making him a bit crude but unpredictable in battle. This improvisational combat technique served him well even against enemies like Byakuya, Captain Kenpachi Zaraki, and Grimmjow Jeagerjaques.

4 HOW ICHIGO CHANGED: Why does he fight at all

Why exactly does Ichigo take a zanpakuto and risk his life against powerful enemies? That changed a few times. At first, Ichigo fought to keep the streets safe from Hollows, and he also fought to keep his friends safe. But soon, even that was not enough.

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In later story arcs, Ichigo realized that he was fighting for the entire world and also for justice. He broke into the world of Hueco Mundo to rescue Orihime Inoue, but later admitted that he also wanted to fight Grimmjow and defeat him to resolve his grudge (just as Grimmjow hoped). Finally, Ichigo was fighting Wandenreich not only to protect his friends but to save the entire world.

3 HOW ICHIGO DIDN’T CHANGE: His Incredible Prowess as a Shonen Hero

A proper protagonist takes guts and courage to move the story forward, and Ichigo doesn’t disappoint. He will try his best to defeat an enemy or gain a new ability, and Ichigo nearly died trying more than once.

Ichigo faced death to train with Zangetsu, and the same thing happened during his risky bankai training with Yoruichi Shihoin. Ichigo also pushed himself to new and stubborn heights when he faced Grimmjow and refused to budge, no matter how much Grimmjow hurt him. Ichigo doesn’t fall that easily.

two HOW ICHIGO CHANGED: His knowledge of his mixed heritage

Bleach Masaki Kurosaki Smiling

For years, Ichigo thought he was a normal kid with normal parents. I would only describe her heritage as “Japanese”, but her parents were a bit more mixed. First, Ichigo learned that his father is a Soul Reaper, which gave him a new perspective on Isshin and himself.

Then, Ichigo learned that his mother Masaki was not an ordinary woman. She had been a Quincy, a relative of the Ishida family, and was about to be killed by a Hollow. This is Ichigo’s connection to the world of Quincies, and this is why Yhwach calls Ichigo “my son lost in the dark”.

1 HOW ICHIGO DIDN’T CHANGE: His desire for an ordinary life

It is true that Ichigo soon entered the world of Soul Reapers and Hollows, and he had no regrets. But he never intended to move to Soul Society or work as a Soul Reaper forever. Ichigo still remembered the ordinary life he once had.

And Ichigo wants to maintain that ordinary life. Yes, he will collect his zanpakuto and risk his life to face great evil, but he is not a dedicated hero. Once the fight dies, Ichigo will return to his mundane life and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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