Bleach: 5 Ways The Series Has Aged Well (& 5 Ways It Hasn’t)

Beginning in 2001, Tite Kubo’s hit manga series Bleach thrilled shonen fans with their thrilling sword duels, terrifying Hollow monsters, and unforgettable characters, including many black-clad Soul Reapers and stylish villains. Many fans can look back at the series with nostalgia, especially with the return of anime on the horizon.

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How well has Bleach Aged franchise, in terms of its content, tone, presentation, relevance and more? In some ways Bleach it’s a timeless action story for any generation, but in other ways, Bleach is stuck in the recent past, or his magic has run out after everyone got used to Bleachbest deals. New fans will definitely see that this series is getting old, but that may or may not be a bad thing.

10 HOW BLEACH AGED WELL: His unique soundtrack is still enjoyed today

Bleach Ichigo

Every anime show needs an OST, just like any other TV show, and some anime shows have wonderfully themed soundtracks. That makes BleachHow does the music sound? It’s an amazing combination of electric guitars, drums, synths, piano, and even violins, depending on the mood of the song.

The action tracks sound more or less like what a viewer would expect, but some of the more atmospheric songs have creepy synths and vocals, touching on the theme of spirits, the afterlife, and supernatural worlds like Hueco Mundo. You have to hear it to believe it.

9 HOW THE BLEACH HAS NOT AGED WELL: Its anime production quality is limited

Bleach Ichigo Returns

The animators of Bleach they should not necessarily be blamed for making the product they made. It’s clear that everyone worked hard and did their best, but anyway, BleachThe animation style of the 2000s era is getting old, fast.

Like his peers, the Bleach The anime is full screen in 4: 3, instead of 16: 9, and this means less content on the screen. The images are not in HD either, which makes them look quite blurry, even blurry by modern standards. Hopefully, the new season will have ultra-sharp images that will put BleachThe previous seasons are a disgrace, graphics-wise.

8 HOW BLEACH AGED WELL: Has a huge cast of characters

Bleach Hell Verse

An anime series does need Having a large cast of characters to be exciting, but a large cast can give you a lot of courage to rewatch. After all, it can be difficult to juggle all of these characters the first time, but the second and third viewing sessions will be different.

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Re-watch or reread Bleach it means having the opportunity to appreciate the supporting characters and their experiences more deeply, from Rangiku Matsumoto to Shuhei Hisagi and much more. There is more to Bleach than Ichigo and his immediate friends.

7 HOW BLEACH HAS NOT AGED WELL: Two damsels in distress (Rukia and Orihime)

rukia kuchiki bleach

To his credit, the Bleach The franchise does well for its female characters for the most part, especially with cool and exciting powerhouses like Yoruichi Shihoin and Rukia Kuchiki herself. But it’s awkward when not one, but two main female characters end up in a Princess Peach situation.

Ichigo, being the good Mario that he is, will dedicate two main bows to rescuing these girls, and it may seem strange to see him in the modern era. Yes, the story of Bleach provides solid in-universe reasons for these captures, but it may still seem somewhat outdated to some fans.

6 HOW BLEACH AGED WELL: Has excellent black rendering

The representation of the black community in anime is unpredictable at best, from symbolic characters to problematic stereotypes. Fortunately, Bleach handles his characters of color well, especially since these characters are not fully defined by their race.

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A minor villain named Zommari Rurueax is a graceful Black character whose arc is primarily defined by concepts like Soul Reaper’s justice and whether the Hollows deserve to be left alone. Other characters like Lille Barro (a Sternritter) and Yoruichi also help diversify the cast’s style.

5 HOW THE BLEACH DIDN’T AGE WELL: There are too many villain monologues

Cheap and dumb villains are known to incessantly chatter and brag about their brilliant plans to the hero, demoralizing them and slipping information to the viewer / reader at the same time. While the scheming Sosuke Aizen has an excuse for doing this, BleachThe other villains don’t.

When he first appeared, Captain Kurotsuchi was a villain, and he spoke to everyone, filling his fight scene very much. Other minor villains, such as the Arrancar named Findorr Calius, waste everyone’s time with dialogue that fails to delve into the character or themes of the story. They need to close their lips and get on with the action.

4 HOW THE BLEACH AGED WELL: Your combat system evolves and gradually increases

In a proper action story, the characters (heroes and villains alike) will become stronger and learn new skills. Bleach It elegantly develops its combat system by introducing the main pieces one at a time, starting with basic zanpakuto and ordinary Hollows in the show’s first season.

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Later in the Soul Society arc, many more zanpakuto are shown, along with their shikai and bankai forms, and kido spells on top of that. Later, the show develops the power and abilities of the Arrancars, such as zero explosions and sound. This allows fans to keep up to date and discover new depths in the combat system at an exciting yet manageable pace.

3 HOW THE BLEACH HAS NOT AGED WELL: Manga art style changes a lot

This is not to say that any particular art style used in the Bleach Manga is bad, but again, it can seem strange to finish reading the last volumes, then go back to volume 1 out of nostalgia and get hit with a totally different style.

The style of the artist Tite Kubo is consistent in a deep and fundamental way, but the aesthetic changes a lot, and early Bleach It almost looks like it was drawn by a skilled fan who is imitating Kubo’s style, compared to later work. This may seem strange to some readers (although some readers may prefer the old style).

two HOW THE BLEACH AGED WELL: It’s a great beginner Shonen series with some length


Newcomers to the shonen genre, or anime as a whole, will want to see some accessible series that lay down all the fundamentals without modifying them too much. Bleach, and his cousins Naruto Y One piece, they are all ready to serve as shonen ambassadors.

Bleach is a long series, like the other two, but its tried and true shonen elements, accessible characters, fluid evolution of its combat system, and lack of extreme content make it a wonderful starting point for new shonen fans, since you do not worry about its great length. Bleach you can easily welcome new shonen fans in any decade.

1 HOW THE BLEACH DIDN’T AGE WELL: Aizen’s Grand Plan Loses Its Magic After The First Time

Bleach aizen

via Fandom

This is a minor but different problem for veterans. Bleach fans who are rewatching or rereading the series out of nostalgia. New fans will be in for a big surprise when it comes to Captain Aizen, but returning fans already know all about Aizen’s plan, and the best shocking twists are “I’ve been there, done that.”

Of course, some The series has slightly diminishing returns when someone reads it again, as they know what will happen. But this factor especially hits Aizen’s character, and given how much Bleach is based on Aizen’s character arc, it’s a big deal. The huge “I’m a traitor!” From Aizen. Revealing isn’t much fun the second time around, even if the combat scenes feel fresh the second time around.

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