Boruto: Katasuke is proof that Konoha’s scientists are out of control

Boruto episode 187 shows that technological advancement could do shinobi more harm than good in the long run, thanks to Katasuke.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 187, “Karma”, now broadcast on Crunchyroll.

One of the biggest surprises in Boruto It’s how fast the shinobi world has evolved using scientific ninja tools. Naruto’s Konoha, especially, is pushing the technology forward, making it clear that they believe this is the path to progress by sharing their breakthroughs and research with other nations, and even going so far as to entertain Orochimaru’s experiments.

But, in the current arc of the anime, as more members of Team 7 attempt to use these tools to retrieve Kara’s lost Vessel, it becomes clear that the Konoha scientists are totally out of control.

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The Konoha leader of the Ninja Scientific Weapons Team, Katasuke, has to take most of the blame for this because, although he means well, too many weapons of mass destruction are being manufactured under his command. He has a jutsu-absorbing war suit, which Ao used to attack them (killing Mugino in the process), not to mention that his data was stolen and appropriated by Kara to make robotic puppets. This is also what the terrorists took advantage of to create cyber-shinobi from their own inner limbs and the deadly drones Ao used in battle.

This suggests that other nations might have such intelligence and might even be preparing their own weapons. But even only in Konoha, Naruto’s cyborg hand can also absorb chakra like Momoshiki, Boruto’s saber-chakra can mimic the Chidori blade and we also saw Katasuke’s understudy in Akita building weapons like gliders, grenades and many other items that could create super-soldiers.

However, with the right weapon in Katasuke’s arsenal, a ninja could become more than just another shinobi: they could gain abilities that put them on a par with even Naruto or Sasuke; after all, something like a powerful chakra absorbing arm can be replicated. . It’s strange to think that this is happening with little to no oversight because as much as this technology is helping, it can definitely be detrimental, especially since they can make things too easy. Boruto tried to cheat with scientific ninja tools during the Chunnin Exams, which is all the proof Konoha needs that they can spawn a lazier generation.

We know it’s about conserving as much chakra as possible, but if this technology goes mainstream, shinobi could become overly dependent on it and abandon the things that Naruto’s generation accomplished using ninjutsu, taijutsu, and their inherent abilities.

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Simply put, the easiest path is not always the way to go and while science can accentuate warriors and complement missions, Katasuke presents them at a ridiculous pace and frames them as a replace. If this mentality sinks, the quality of the shinobi army will diminish and the mystical prowess of the old days will be lost.

If the tools become too prominent, they could become a liability, and ninja science tools already have so many flaws that Naruto’s advice is ignoring, all because Katasuke wows them with flashy weapons. That is why Kakashi has not embraced him that much, as he is a purist. Hopefully, Konoha follows suit and begins to balance things out a little better.

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