Brent Spiner’s 10 Best Roles Outside of Star Trek, Ranked by IMDb

Brent Spiner may be the hardest-working actor in Hollywood. Now in his 70s, Spiner’s decades-long filmography includes hundreds of television series, specials and movies. While he is best known for playing Lieutenant Commander Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Spiner has appeared in expected and unexpected places over the years.

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From sci-fi to horror to dark comedy, Spiner does it all. The Texas native has been on the scene since the early 1980s, and he’s clearly not stopping anytime soon. In fact, he will reprise his role as Dr. Brackish Okun for the next Independence Day continuation Resurgence.

10 Dr. Nigel Fenway in Threshold (2005 – 2006) – 7.3

Dr. Nigel Fenway at Threshold

The short-lived sci-fi series Threshold It did not suffer from a lack of talent, as, in addition to Spiner, it stars Carla Gugino, Peter Dinklage and Charles S. Dutton. Instead, NBC decided to move Threshold Friday through Tuesday nights, causing its audience to plummet.

Threshold focuses on a secret government investigation involving humanity’s first contact with aliens. Spiner plays Dr. Nigel Fenway, one of the scientists on the task force investigating the implications of the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

9 Phil in a forceful talk (2015-2016) – 7.4

Phil in a forceful talk

Created by Dead of boredomJonathan Ames and Seth MacFarlane executive producing, Hard-hitting talk tells the story of a British television journalist who hopes to succeed in America. Patrick Stewart plays the news anchor, Walter Blunt.

Blunt roams the streets of Los Angeles as he pursues his goals. Spiner has a recurring role as Phil, a pianist who works at the bar where Blunt likes to hang out.

8 Sidney In Outcast (2016 – 2017) – 7.4

Sidney in pariah

Based on Robert Kirkland’s comic series of the same name, Pariah is a southern goth supernatural series that takes satanic panic to new territory. Patrick Fugit plays Kyle Barnes, a young man whose life has been clouded by tragedy.

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For whatever reason, everyone around Kyle has been possessed by demonic entities, and he struggles to understand what makes this happen in him. Spiner co-stars as Sidney, a newcomer to Kyle’s West Virginia town affiliated with the forces of evil in action.

7 Leonard Junger in Rent Control (1981) – 7.5

Leonard Junger in rent control

Rent control is a low-budget film by Italian director Gian Luigi Polidoro. Unreleased until 1984, Spiner plays a New Yorker facing the difficulties of life in the big city.

Spiner’s character, Leonard Junger, hopes to find an affordable, rent-controlled apartment in New York, a difficult task even by the standards of the early 1980s. He also hopes to meet women, but settling for just one is also difficult.

6 Robert Gross in The Aviator (2004) – 7.5

Robert Gross in the Aviator

In Martin Scorsese’s epic biopic of Howard Hughes, Spiner has a supporting role as Robert E. Gross. Gross, an American businessman, was involved in aviation developments until his death in 1961.

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Leonardo DiCaprio plays Hughes in the joint drama, an aviation maverick turned film producer who suffered from severe obsessive compulsive disorder. The Aviator traces Hughes’s life between 1927 and 1947.

5 Bob Wheeler at Night Court (1984-1992) – 7.6

Bob Wheeler at night court

On the popular NBC court sitcom Night cutSpiner had a recurring role as Bob Wheeler. The show focuses on the trials and tribulations of Manhattan’s young night shift judge, Harold “Harry” T. Stone, played by Harry Anderson.

Wheeler and his wife appear in six episodes throughout the series, where they are also accused of trying to get out of trouble. They are characterized as clumsy country guys, but they are actually Yugoslav immigrants.

4 Brother Adrian in Warehouse 13 (2009-2014) – 7.6

Brother Adrian In Warehouse 13

One of SyFy’s many cult series, Warehouse 13 it lasted five seasons on the network before it ended. The program involves a team of secret field agents from the United States who must recover special artifacts and keep them safe in the program’s titular facilities.

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These are not just normal artifacts; each is given special powers that cannot end up in the wrong hands. Spiner plays Brother Adrian in season three and four, who is hired by the Vatican to protect the Astrolabe from Ferdinand Magellan.

3 Himself in Fresh Hell (2011-2012) – 7.8

Himself in cool hell

Cool hell is a fun web series in which Spiner plays a version of himself. Trying to settle out of the Star trek Spiner struggles to find jobs that give him the rest he needs.

In the series, Spiner’s reputation is ruined after being involved in an accident. The show features a memorable cameo from a fellow member. Star trek actor LeVar Burton.

two Gall Trayvis in Star Wars Rebels (2014 – 2018) – 8.0

Gall Trayvis in Star Wars Rebels

Lucasfilm Animation CGI Series Star wars rebels takes place five years before the events of A new hope. In the series, the evil Galactic Empire attempts to eradicate the last of the Jedi as a resistance movement slowly begins to build in the shadows.

Spiner voices Senator Gall Trayvis, who speaks publicly against the Empire. The four-season series was released due to the success of its predecessor: The Clone Wars.

1 Therapist at Ray Donovan (2013-2020) – 8.4

Therapist at Ray Donovan

The long-lasting Ray donovan stars Liev Schreiber as a professional “fixer” for high-profile celebrity clients. The first five seasons of the Showtime series take place in Los Angeles, while the last two are set in New York City.

In the second season, Spiner appears as a therapist who works with Donovan. In his sessions, Donovan opens up about his abusive relationship with his father, who is played by Jon Voight.

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