Control doesn’t solve Remedy Entertainment’s most common problem

Control has a very annoying pacing problem and is not unique to Control. Remedy Entertainment made the same mistake with Alan Wake.

The latest game from Remedy Entertainment, Control, is an atmospheric tour de force. The entire game takes place inside the mysterious Oldest House, the headquarters of the top-secret Federal Control Office. Much of the game has the protagonist Jesse Faden exploring the various apartments of the Oldest House, designed by Remedy in deep chiaroscuro or sometimes completely bathed in vivid colors. Creepy ambient sounds let the player know that invading Hiss enemies are around every corner. However, there is an extremely annoying feature that breaks the immersion that carries over from previous Remedy games like Alan Wake.

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Control‘s FEAR DLC revealed that Alan Wake Y Control share a universe, so it should come as no surprise that Jesse also frequently has to stop what he’s doing to stay and listen to a collectible audio record. Never mind the Hiss methodically indoctrinating Office workers into violent and mindless drones; it’s time to hear another bizarre account of a poor worker’s encounter with an altered item.

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It is unfortunate that Remedy insists on presenting these audio records in a diegetic way, as it would be much more convenient for the player to find the collectible, hold down the interaction button for a second, and then continue on his way while the record of Audio. Hopefully this issue won’t affect fans in the next game.

Diegetic sound control should not interrupt play

Control red lighting

Yeah make the audio logs increase the diet Controlimmersion. Half the fun of the game is collecting the many, many collectibles and rebuilding the game world. Places like the Dead Letters Department are great for world building. However, playability is paramount in video games, and sometimes standing for more than a minute to listen to an audio record is a great detriment to the pace of the game.

This is just a problem because the world of Control it is endlessly fascinating. It is one of those games that is best played without any prior knowledge. The game begins with Jesse unceremoniously arriving at the Control Office, but most of the lights are out and no one can be found except an extremely strange and prophetic janitor. And it just gets weird from there.

ControlThe gameplay really sticks out when the player is levitating 30 feet off the ground, throwing various objects at enemies with Jesse’s telekinetic powers and firing them with a shape-shifting pistol (made even more satisfying by the new DualSense controller mount on PS5. ). So it’s a real shame when Control it stops gamers from doing all that really cool stuff and instead forces them to stay in place and listen to an audio log to make the most of the game’s infinitely fascinating universe.

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