Dating App Grindr Announces First Bridesman TV Show

Popular LGBTQ + dating app Grindr announces Fall 2021 scripted comedy show Bridesman created by John Onieal and starring Jimmy Fowlie.

LGBTQ + dating app Grindr has announced its first original scripted series, Bridesmaid. Grindr was founded in 2009 by Los Angeles-based businessman Joel Simkhai, and it quickly gained popularity, particularly among gay men. The application allows its users to view the profiles of other nearby users and send them messages to initiate a romantic interaction.

Term reports that Grindr is entering the crowded world of scripted original content with Bridesmaid, starting production this month. The comedy series stars Jimmy Fowlie (The other two, Go-go boy interrupted) as a gay groom trying to undermine his best friend’s wedding. Created by John Onieal and directed by Julian Buchanan, the series will consist of several episodes of 6 to 10 minutes. They will be available for streaming on YouTube, as well as on the Grindr app.

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Bridesmaid It comes on the heels of two other projects that Grindr has tried to keep its users engaged and connected during the pandemic. Pride Preserves, a 30-day in-app contest event, took place last summer, and the Halloween-themed Fright Now Fest took over the app last October. With limited opportunity for face-to-face interaction, it’s no wonder Grindr is among the many dating apps that have reported increased use during the pandemic, and even non-dating apps like Among Us are being used. improperly with romantic intentions.


Grindr’s first foray into scripted content, while perhaps unexpected, is unprecedented. In 2019, the popular dating platform Tinder launched a post-apocalyptic miniseries on its app with interactive elements called Slip night. That same year, Scruff, another LGBTQ + dating app, debuted Lodging, a live Q&A show on the HQ Trivia line that ran in September 2020. While many of its predecessors have struggled with longevity and consistency, Bridesmaid Hopefully, it’ll add some cheesy wit and fun to the queer content landscape when it debuts this fall.

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