Digimon Adventure’s Satanic Panic Creates Weirdest Reboot Meme

Digimon Adventure 2020 baffles and baffles fans with a recent episode focusing on Gabumon and Matt that highlights the franchise’s religious theme.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 38 of Digimon Adventure 2020, “The Blazing Blue Friendship”, now broadcast on Crunchyroll.

It’s no secret that Digimon takes a lot of influence from Judeo-Christian symbols and images. Holy Digimon like Angemon and Angewomon have been there from the beginning, as has the devilishly vampiric Devimon, and the list goes on and on. But Digimon Adventure reboot takes things a step further in its most recent episode, “The Blazing Blue Friendship.”

In Digimon Adventure 2020In the quest to reunite DigiDestined (again), Episode 38 is centered around Matt and Joe. Joe eventually escapes the strange hot tub situation he’s been in for a few episodes and, in his quest to get his clothes back, he runs into Matt, who is also in hot water. Matt and Garurumon were separated during a recent battle and now, inexplicably, their Digimon has been abducted by Mephistomon, an Ultimate-level “fallen angel” who has been ritualistically sacrificing creatures like Garurumon to one of Millenniumon’s dark crystals in hopes of release it. the new arch villain. (Yes, that is correct, Digimon Adventure 2020 has given us the revelation of Mephisto WandaVision He refuses to.)

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The site of Matt’s rookie partner tied to a crucifix while a Baphomet-themed overlord babbles incoherently beneath a giant power-draining artifact has proven to be … puzzling, to say the least, for most viewers. In fact, the image is so dazzling that it didn’t take long to spread on social media.

Combining Digimon Remaining a nostalgic childhood favorite and the comedy out of context from the screenshot makes for excellent meme fodder. Although, to be honest, even in context, it’s still completely weird. Other fans have pointed out that, as mentioned above, this is not a historically adverse franchise to these kinds of benchmarks.

While others have used it as an opportunity to create a unique (and quite cool) messianic fan art of Gabumon.

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Fortunately, Gabumon does not have to die for the sins of anyone in the episode, least of all those of Matt, who feels so guilty about their separation that he risks his life and limbs by climbing the hill where Mephistmon is extolling his satanic verses. from (with a little help from Joe’s (?) counter-mantra and Ikkakumon’s Harpoon Torpedo creating a kind of stairway to heaven). After BlitzGreymon’s introduction to the anime, fans may have expected WereGarurumon to make the jump similar to CresGarurumon, the counterpart to the previous game’s exclusive alternate Mega form, for the Mephistomon fight. But, since we haven’t even obtained MetalGarurumon yet, that was probably asking too much. Also, WereGarurumon’s blue sagittarius mode proves to be strong enough to give the devil his due.

Not only is episode 38 completely overshadowed by the weirdness of the crucified Gabumon, but it also detracts from what could have been Joe’s time to shine. In the same way that Mimi, a less used character thus far, received greater prominence in the previous episode, “The Blazing Blue Friendship” could have given Joe more of the reins on his team with Matt. He plays a major supporting role, sure, but Matt remains the dominant alpha of the pack, and with the larger group reunion looming, Joe is unlikely to get another chance like this. Still, at the very least, Gabumon’s near-death experience, similar to that of Christ, will ensure this delivery of the Digimon the reboot will go down in Digi history.

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