Dragon Ball: 10 basic mistakes that Goku keeps making

Goku is basically a veteran fighter right now and yet he continues to make these 10 rookie mistakes.

There are many anime series that have persevered for decades and become pivotal phenomena, but the success of the Dragon Ball the franchise is on another level. Dragon Ball has constantly expanded its universe through manga, anime, video games, movies, and more to create a story that is endlessly entertaining and addictive. Many Shonen anime series are as strong as their protagonist. Y Dragon Ball benefits with his extremely personable hero.

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Dragon BallGoku is a crucial figure in the entire franchise that continues to grow, but he is also a stubborn individual in many areas, and there are common mistakes that repeatedly trip him up.

10 Not appreciating the seriousness of a situation

Goku is a fantastic support in battle, but his constant naivety has led to a growing number of problems, many of which contain dire circumstances that he doesn’t seem to fully understand. Goku’s immense strength has created a level of detachment in the character, and there are times when he must show respect and temper his laid-back demeanor. Goku’s introduction to the Great King Zeno is a perfect example where Goku’s behavior could have resulted in the destruction of the entire universe if he hadn’t been so lucky.

9 His attempts to reform the villains don’t always work out as he expected.

Like many shonen anime, Dragon Ball revolves around exaggerated battles between good and evil. It’s standard practice for villains to meet their end at the end of their arc, but Goku has a peculiar compulsion to always try to bring the bad guy to the side of the light. Former villains like Piccolo and Vegeta have Successful transition to heroes, which is surely why Goku is still so optimistic, but there are times when he should know better. He has given tyrants like Moro and Freeza opportunities for redemption when they are past this point.

8 It is a beacon that invites danger to the planet

There is no denying that Goku has kept Earth safe from destruction on many occasions. However, a compelling angle to consider is that Goku’s presence on Earth is also responsible for much of the danger he faces. Goku’s strength and reputation attract enemies, and sometimes he does more harm than good up close.

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Goku accepts this reality when he chooses to stay dead at the end of Cell Saga and during Dragon Ball GT, however, it is a standard that he does not adhere to and that he ultimately ignores.

7 Turning his back on his Saiyan roots

It is a major turning point in Goku’s life when Raditz informs him that he is actually a member of a alien race known as the Saiyans. Goku struggles with this information, especially since some of his earliest associations with the Saiyans are with those who have killed his friends and family. Goku experiences a complex relationship with his Saiyan roots where he is ashamed or feels empowered by the association. For example, he is embarrassed once his tail is removed and yet he will appreciate the power that his Saiyan blood allows him to access.

6 Putting too much stress on your body

Goku is technically not human, but his body is not invincible and it even has its limits towards what it can bear. Goku learns various techniques that allow him to access extreme increases in power, but at tremendous physical cost. The Kaio-Ken attack is a maneuver which Goku is specifically told to use sparingly, otherwise his bones may break and his body will not be able to withstand the pressure. Goku repeatedly ignores this, which does not result in his death, but does lead to Goku being out of commission for some episodes because he is not properly controlled.

5 Bad timing and being late for the party

Goku is typically the strongest character in Dragon Ball, which means that it is treated as a trump card and may not always be the main line of defense. Anime frequently creates tension in the other heroes who do their best and avoid the villains. until Goku can arrive.

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Of course, Goku usually has excuses for his absence, but it doesn’t change that various arcs make everyone hope for Goku to show up at the perfect time and save the day. The routine gets a bit old and Goku could display a bit more foresight in this department.

4 Heal enemies for a more “fair” battle

Fairness and a balanced battle are not always prerogatives when the fate of the planet is at stake. It’s one thing for a hero to stoop to unfair means to defeat his opponent, but there’s also something like showing too much leniency in battle. Goku is so focused on the best possible fight and how being stronger than this blinds him to what is really important. Goku will easily give a villain a Senzu Bean to heal them completely or find ways to prolong the battle out of curiosity about your enemy’s strength. It is extremely frustrating behavior.

3 He does not listen to his wife

Some characters like Goku might argue that when the fate of the planet, or even the universe, is at stake, it is natural for other priorities to be neglected. Goku’s marriage to Chi-Chi happens before Dragon Ball Z and Goku agrees to start a family together with his wife. Goku loves Chi-Chi, but training quickly becomes his focus and his wife’s wishes, especially regarding Gohan’s future, are repeatedly ignored. Chi-Chi’s frustration is palpable and Vegeta’s relationship with Bulma shows that it is possible to respect both the wife and training commitments.

two He does not prepare or reconnoitre and simply goes into battle

Goku vs Kid Buu Dragon Ball Z

Gross power is an important thing in Dragon Ball, But a smart strategy is even more valuable. Goku is an anxious individual who often wants to deal with a threat as quickly as possible to minimize the spread of damage. However, it’s not always wise to jump straight into battle, especially when the villain remains a mystery. Goku’s gung-ho attitude has backfired, be it against Cell, Buu or Moro. It’s appreciated that Goku isn’t a coward here, but there are also more important factors than who gets the first hit.

1 Stumbles over skills before mastering them properly

Goku Ultra Instinct Punch

There are several ways to harness power in Dragon Ball, either through intense training to master a specific skill or a more circumstantial job culminating in the unexpected arrival of power. Goku is a hard worker and takes training seriously, but there is also a common characteristic where Goku stumbles upon a new ability or transformation when locked in combat with the villain. When done in moderation, this can come as an excellent surprise, but it starts to get predictable with Goku afterward. your experience with Ultra Instinct. The series needs to get Goku out of this habit.

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