Dragon Ball: 10 Things About Goku’s Childhood That Make No Sense

There is much to love about Goku’s youthful adventures, but there are also many things from this chapter in his life that raise some questions.

Few franchises can find Dragon Balls tremendous level of popularity, let alone being able to maintain it for several decades. Dragon Ball is just one of hundreds of shonen series, but Goku’s engaging journey reaches incredible places and has helped the character become one of the the most beloved heroes of the genre.

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It is impressive how Dragon Ball spanned Goku’s entire life and continued to showcase his development as a martial artist. Goku is stronger as an adult, but Goku’s early years make up most of the original Dragon Ball Serie. There is much to love about Goku’s youthful adventures, but there are also many things from this chapter in his life that raise some questions.

10 Survive only after Grandpa Gohan’s death

When the original Dragon Ball The series begins, Goku has a nomadic lifestyle in which he lives in isolation. Goku explains that he was raised by a kind old man named Gohan, who took him in as his own. Unfortunately, circumstances intervene and Goku’s unusual background leads to the passing of Grandpa Gohan. Goku is a strong fighter, but he is still just a kid with extremely minimal experience in the real world, so it is surprising to see that he has been able to survive on his own before meeting Bulma.

9 He and his Dragon Ball didn’t become a target before

Dragon Balls the adventure really begins once Goku leaves with Bulma to locate the remaining Dragon Balls. The only reason she’s running into him is that her Dragon Radar detects Goku’s four-star ball. This Dragon Ball is Goku’s lasting memory behind his grandfather Gohan, but considering the importance of these orbs, it’s quite strange that Bulma is the first to arrive at his door looking for her. This contraption is necessary for the anime’s story to begin, but Bulma is far from the only one aware of the Dragon Balls and their powers.

8 How closed his upbringing has been

Kid Goku is a very entertaining character because he is a fun mix of naive and dangerous. Goku is an inherently trusting individual, but much of his innocence comes from how he has grown up alone in the mountains, hidden from the real world.

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This clash is usually a source of comic relief, as with Goku’s ignorance of gender and the female sex. when he meets bulma. However, Goku is totally baffled when he encounters dinosaurs, robots, and other fantastic social concepts. His education of the world is wildly inconsistent.

7 Does not know how to count

The adult Goku still feels like a child in many ways, but he can at least function as a member of society. Kid Goku is more of a recovery case, and it’s fascinating to see what general fields confuse him. Counting seems to be a huge hurdle as he initially tells Bulma that he is 14 when they meet, only to have it revealed later in the World martial arts tournament that he was actually 12 years old since he’s not good with numbers. However, Goku has no trouble understanding the numbers with the Four Star Ball and other tasks he fulfills.

6 Your monstrous appetite and how sustainable it is while traveling

Anime Dragon Ball Kid Goku eating

There definitely seems to be a trend between powerful shonen heroes and those with huge appetites, Y Dragon Balls Goku is no exception. Goku’s immense appetite remains with him throughout his life, but is present from the beginning of Dragon Ball when it shows how big your average meal can be. Goku always seems to be hungry, but once he hits the road with Bulma, he is forced to adopt a more active lifestyle. Goku is barely shown eating large feasts, and the Capsule Corp. meal replacements that Bulma provides also seem like a shoddy alternative.

5 He doesn’t question his tail

There are many anime series that blur the lines between the real world and an environment full of fantastic creatures. Dragon Ball Unleash these two areas and make dinosaurs roam the land freely, or anthropomorphic animals roam the city. Goku is a very curious child and questions many of the new things he encounters, however, he seems to take his atypical tail for granted.

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Goku encounters stranger things during his youth, but surprisingly has no explanation for his tail of which he has been convinced during all these years.

4 No one from planet Vegeta comes for him before

Kid Goku from Dragon Ball Super

It is true that the real reason why the Saiyans did not come to claim or exterminate Goku during the Dragon Ball is that Akira Toriyama had not yet discovered that part of the story. Goku has special powers, but the circumstances surrounding his inheritance are a mystery until he Dragon Ball Z. The anime’s sequel begins immediately with the rest of the goku species Coming to Earth to clean up her mess No reason is provided as to why it happens suddenly during Goku’s adulthood, and it makes more sense for it to happen as a child, hot on the heels of the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

3 He is not afraid of ghosts or monsters he fights

Dragon Ball It has a wide cast of characters, and Fortuneteller Baba is a unique individual who doesn’t get a lot of attention after the original anime series. I guess Baba confronts Goku and his friends in a own tournament featuring supernatural characters as a vampire, a mummy, a devil, an invisible man and the ghost of Goku’s grandfather. Dragon Ball it’s full of the unusual, but the severity of these characters is a major change, and it seems like Goku or Krillin should be more incredulous about the existence of these monsters.

two His great ape form has somehow not destroyed his home

Goku transforms into a great ape in Dragon Ball

Goku does not learn that he is a Saiyan until Dragon Ball Z, but his Great ape transformation is a beginning of the original Dragon Ball Serie. This side of Goku is still an unstable and mysterious aspect of his character, but the Great Ape’s immense size has caused a lot of destruction, such as with Pilaf’s castle or the events that led to the death of Grandpa Gohan. Presumably Goku has seen the full moon during his time alone before meeting Bulma, so surprisingly his home has not been demolished from his Great Ape status.

1 His ability to shoot casually

Anime Dragon Ball Bulma shoots Kid Goku

Dragon Ball makes it clear from the start that Goku is not just a normal kid. He is strong and has a tail, but Bulma’s first encounter with him also ends in gunfire. Bulma shoots Goku, only for him to recover from the attack. This kicks off the current trend in the series of how Saiyans and other strong people can withstand gunfire. However, this defense only seems to be present when it is convenient. Goku faces many similar situations without the same resilience, and this leads to other inconsistencies based on what may later hurt him in the other. Dragon Ball Serie.

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