Dragon Ball: Kakarot and 10 other Punny character names

In the center of things Dragon Ball It started out as a comedy series rather than a hardcore action series. As things progressed, the characters leaned more toward action than humor, but the roots of Dragon BallComedy can still be seen far away Dragon Ball Z.

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That is why it is not particularly surprising to see so many characters with literal food names. Akira Toriyama prefers to do gag manga, that’s why everything before or after Dragon Ball Z has leaned towards comedy. Even Dragon ball super It has strong comic elements, which seems to be the reason why Toriyama is most comfortable sketching for work these days. How many characters have fans noticed with names that were actually jokes?

eleven Kakarot refers to the carrot

goku filler

As every Dragon Ball fan knows, the name of the Land of Kakarrot is “Goku”. That’s what the cast knows him about for most of the series, starting with Dragon Ball. Son Goku is a reference to the character Sun Wukong from Journey to the West, with “Goku” being a different way of reading Wukong. Much of Dragon BallThe beginnings are due to Journey to the West, although many of these references are made after the first arc. As for Goku’s name “Kakarrot”, it is a permutation of carrot, which is another vegetable name to fit in with all the other Saiyans.

10 Gohan’s name means food

Goku Gohan hanging out

When talking about Goku’s son, Gohan may not seem like such a ridiculous name to people looking outside of Japan, but the character’s name can actually mean “rice” in Japanese. However, it more often means “food” and can be combined with different prefixes to explain what food it is. “Asagohan” means “breakfast” while “bangohan” means dinner, as “asa” means “morning” and “ban” means “night” in Japanese.

9 Vegeta is short for vegetable

Super Saiyan Vegeta GT

The son of King Vegeta, the Prince of All Saiyans has probably one of the most obvious puns in Dragon Ball Z. The character’s name is just a shortened version of vegetable, which is actually quite common for most Saiyan names that tend to be some kind of vegetable. This makes even more sense considering the planet’s name was Vegeta, which means that anyone on the plant planet should probably be named after him.

8 Bread can mean a kitchen utensil, but it also means bread

Anime Dragon Ball GT Pan Battle Ready

Gohan and Videl’s first child, Pan would become an important part of Dragon Ball GT… even though the show never allowed him to become a Super Saiyan for some reason. The character is still a baby in Dragon ball super, and it will probably be some time before fans see her as an adult. Pan also has a food-based name, which actually means “bread,” making it an important staple just like its father!

7 Babidi teams up with Bibidi and Majin Buu to cast a spell.

Babidi is the wizard responsible for unleashing the evil monster known as Majin Buu on Earth. The character played an important role in the first half of Buu Saga, using his Majin tattoo to empower the characters, until he woke up Buu, who eventually turned on him. As for his name, it is part of a magical incantation that is made up of his name, the name of his father Bibidi and the name of his “creation”, Buu. It comes straight from the animated movie Cinderella, which is one of the ways that American culture influenced arguably the most popular anime of all time.

6 Cooler joins his family to continue storage word games

Vegeta saves Goku from Meta-Cooler

Cooler was introduced to the series in the Dragon Ball Z movies, specifically in the movie “Cooler’s Revenge.” Since the name is pronounced “Kura” in Japanese, it comes from a specific Japanese phrase known as “Meshi Demo Kura”, which specifically means “Let’s eat.”

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However, the English localizers realized that this would not translate to non-Japanese audiences and more importantly, they broke up the other names with King Cold and Frieza. Shifted to Cooler, the character maintains his bond with the rest of his family.

5 Tarble’s name is combined with Vegeta’s

The other son of King Vegeta and Vegeta’s younger brother. Unfortunately, none of the Saiyan blood that normally burns so bright within Vegeta and Goku seems to exist on Tarble. The character is not a fighter at all, and would rather live in peace. Interestingly, the obvious pun in his name is “Table”, which means that it is not one of the usual puns for Saiyan characters. But when it merges with Vegeta’s name, it becomes the full word for “vegetable.”

4 Master Roshi’s name literally describes who he is

perverted master roshi

It can be easy to look at Roshi’s name and think that he is one of the only characters that does not have a name based on some kind of pun. But no, Master Roshi’s name in Japan is Kame Sennin, which roughly translates to Turtle Hermit. Kame means that Turtle and Sennin can mean many things, but generally, they are legendary beings who boast of long lives. His name directly explains who he is exactly.

3 Bulma and Family Briefs describe underwear

bulma db skirt

Bulma’s name is something most people wouldn’t pick up on, but her entire family’s name is based on underwear. Bulma is pronounced “buruma” in Japanese and means bloomers, while her son is called Trunks. Her daughter’s name is “Bulla”, which is another way of saying bra. Even Bulma’s older sister is named Tights. And to be clear, his last name is “Briefs” so apparently everyone got into the naming gag after a while.

two Emperor Pilaf has a name that could make people hungry


The original villain of Dragon BallEmperor Silaf was a character who finally became a joke after his first attempt to rule the world failed. Something about Oolong having the power to literally want anything and choosing a pair of soft underwear must have broken the boy.

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But Emperor Pilaf should sound familiar – rice pilaf is a popular rice dish. His partners Shu and Mai form the word “shumai”, which is a form of a Chinese dumpling.

1 Piccolo and his family certainly enjoyed their instruments

Piccolo vs. Krillin in Dragon Ball

Piccolo gets his name from the Demon King Piccolo, who clearly had a naming scheme in mind when he arrived on Earth and started making twisted clones of himself. The character must have been obsessed with musical instruments, with his own name based on the half woodwind flute. But it wasn’t just him, he also had his children: Tambourine, Cymbal, Drum and more. Together they would have formed a fairly orderly orchestra. It is a pity that his encore would be destroying the planet.

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